Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Couple Days!

The last couple day, have been pretty busy.  Lets see where should we start.  Friday was my extra day off, but I found out that my husband was off also due to all the overtime he had been working that week, which was great.  So Friday, my oldest son, my husband and myself  went to lunch together.  Then my husband and I went to the county courthouses to get the last bit of paperwork we needed done for the getting Quilting Affections set up as a business. Just waiting on the application to be approved and we are done, Yeah!!!  Then we  went and did some errands at Target. After that we headed out to Michelle's Quilt Shop, to pick out fabric for a new pattern we are designing, more on that coming soon. When we finished at Michelle's we came home and I did some free motion practice on the longarm. The rest of the evening I sat watching t.v with my feet up working on finishing binding the Jelly Roll Quilt. I almost finished it that night just had a half a side to do, but my eyes were tired, so I went to bed.

On Saturday morning, we were planning to head to IKEA, but the wind was really strong. So we decided to stay home and get a few thing done around the house, and so glad we did.  I finished the Jelly Roll Race Quilt, another quilt done and off my list to finish.  Next, I started washing and ironing fabric that we got at Michelle's on Friday.  Then I started to clean my studio, but during the cleaning I ended up rearranging things in the room. In the mist of rearranging we moved the Embroidery Machine into that room so my husband and I can work together in the same room.  While working on that I finished washing some other material that need to made into quilts. So after I was done with all the rearranging I had lots of ironing to do, but I got it done.  I still have a few thing to put away from the rearranging but I like the new set up; much easier to get to things.  I ended the night by putting the binding on the Memory Quilt for my son, and I was starting to do the hand stitching by the time I went to bed. 

Today, I am hoping to get some practicing on the longarm done. I found an old quilt (UFO) yesterday that needed to be quilted and I will practice with it.  I think i will start with some designs on practice material to see If I like it or not before I load the quilt.  I may also work on some the new pattern designs.  Well will have to see what the day brings us. Hope you all have a great Sunday.


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