Sunday, November 15, 2020

Aztec Dance Month 6 and Finishing!


Welcome to the final month of the Aztec Dance block of the month. This month we will be making the final block and putting it all together. Thank you to everyone who made this a popular Block of the Month quilt.

You can now purchase Block 6. Remember, you have two options for buying the pattern. First, My website is set up for both Printed and Downloadable PDF versions. For my International customers, I have an Etsy website.

Month 6 

Block 6 is straightforward to make and put together. The center consists of making two different color combinations of half-square triangles and making Dual Colored Diamond in a square units.

Half Square Triangles

Start by using your Quilter's Magic Wand and marking two stitching lines that are 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal on the reverse side tan squares. Layer the blue and tans squares together with the right sides together and stitch.

Cut down the middle between the stitching lines. Pressing toward the dark fabric.

Right Handed
Left Handed

Position the Tucker Trimmer® over the unit, carefully aligning the common diagonal with the stitching seam and the appropriate size of the unit you are making. Trim the first two sides.

Right Handed

Left Handed

Rotate the unit 180°, line up the Tucker Trimmer®, and trim the two sides to measure the size of the unit you are making.

Continue to make all the units.

Dual Colored Diamond in a Square

Position the Center Square Section of the Square Squared® tool on the size according to your pattern instructions.  Place the tool on the trimmed edge of the strip, lining up the corner of the strip with the center mark according to your pattern instructions. Cut up and across the top of the strip to get a precise unit.

Cut the Blue and Tan squares into triangles. Position the Tan and Blue triangle on opposite sides of the center square.  Stitch with the triangles on the bottom with a 1/4" seam allowance. Pressing away from the center.

Position the remaining Blue and Tan triangles on opposite sides of the center square.  Stitch and Pressing seams away from the center.

Right Handed
Left Handed

Position the Trim Down Section of the Square Squared® tool over the unit.  Focus on aligning the "X" marks on the finished size according to your pattern instructions over the sewn seams.  Trim the first two sides.

Right Handed

Left Handed

Rotate the unit.  Reposition the Square Squared® tool lining up the "X"s and then lining up the cleanup lines on the tool with the previously trimmed edges, according to your pattern instructions.


Stitch together the squares and half-square triangles units to make up the four patch units for the corners and center of the units.

Layout and Stitch together the units to make your center block.

Your center block is now ready and now you can start putting together your quilt together.

Quilt Assembly

You will start the assembly by making some Flying Geese and Half Square Triangles for the center block borders.  

Once these units are made you will make two top and bottom rows and two side rows.

Stitch the side blocks on the sides of the Center Block and press according to your pattern instructions. Then add the top and bottom rows.

Stitch together (2) Bonus Block 1, and (1) Block 3 together.  Making two center inner rows.

Stitch together (1) Block 5, (1) Bonus Block 2, and (1) Block 1 together.  Making two center outer rows.

Stitch the Center Inner and Outer rows on each side of the Center block. 

Using your pattern instructions assembly the remaining blocks into rows and assemble them to the top and bottom of them the center row.  Add your borders and your quilt is now complete.

Now you can enjoy your beautiful quilt.  Please share your finished quilt by emailing a photo to or on social media, using the @quiltingaffection, and using hashtag #aztecbom.

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Friday, November 6, 2020

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I am really excited and proud to announce my first book Poppin' With Wings. Choose from 8 different quilt designs, take your ordinary flying geese units, and raise them to a whole new level.

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The book features:

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Journey to Nebula - Rock Candy - Cutting the Star 60 Way!


Now that I have finished my Jaw Breaker pillow, it was time to move onto the next project in the Journey 2 Nebula Quilt Along.

The next project is Rock Candy Tabletopper.  This is a fun quilt that is made by combining diamonds and side triangles.  The pattern calls for the use of 5" charm squares. I choose to use black background Island Batik fabric and 6 Coordinating fabrics; all were cut into 2 1/2" strips.  The reason I used 2 1/2" strips over the 5" charm squares is that not every 5" charm square package is actually 5", and we needed to cut each of the squares in half.

I started cutting 36 diamonds from the 6 coordinating fabric strips using my Studio 180 Star 60 tool. 

Right Handed

Left Handed

Starting by trimming off a 60° angle off one of the ends of the strips.  

Right Handed

Left Handed

Next, I located the 2 1/2" diamond point guidelines and aligned the guidelines on the strip edges and cut. Continue to cut 36 diamonds from the coordinating fabric strips.

Right Handed
Left Handed

Finally, I trimmed off the tips by lining up the 4 1/2" horizontal line so that it lines up on the bottom of the diamond. 

Right Handed

Left Handed

Now it is time to cut out the background side triangle pieces. Placing the strip on your cutting mat.  If you are right-handed, you will be cutting from left to right. Left-hander will cut from right to left.  Position the 2 1/2" horizontal line of the tool on the bottom of the strip and the tip line on the strip's top.  Cut up one side of the strip and down the other.

Right Hand

Left Hand

Rotate the tool 180°, so the tip is facing you this time. Realign the guideline used previously on the top and bottom of the strip and align it along the trimmed edge. Cut the next triangle shape. Continue rotating, aligning, and cutting until you get 24 triangles. 

Now the fun part begins with arranging my pieces into a pretty table topper.  Stay tuned; I will be sharing my finish table topper soon.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Journey to Nebula - Finishing Jawbreaker pillow

I'm a little behind on my Journey 2 Nebula projects; life seems to change your plans when it involves quilting.  

The last blog post on my Journey 2 Nebula project was cutting Jawbreaker triangles using the Studio 180 Design Star 60 tool. Read the first post Here.

Then I arranged the triangles according to the directions spinning the triangles as you would be arranging your blocks for a One Block Wonder Quilt, so they make a shape, but you will also notice that they are also set up rows. Adding the extra pieces to fill in the gaps.

After I had the pillow top arranged with the triangles, it was time to start sewing the blocks together.  Starting with the first row, sewing each triangle to each other. 

Once I had the triangle pieces sewn into individual rows, I started sewing all the rows together to match up all the seams.

Once this was done, I trimmed the pillow top to be 15 1/2" square and add the border, and quilted it.  With this pillow top, the directions were to add a 2 1/4" binding to finish it off.

Here are the finished Pillow and the coordinating  Seaside table runner and Lucky Charm Pillow top. 

Now off to get my new Journey to Nebula project.