Saturday, December 26, 2015

End of Year Sale

Hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday.  I sure did, even with a one member of the family missing it was a great Christmas, even in 70 degree outside with rain all day long.  The house quite warm by the end of the day with the oven all day.

Now that Christmas is over it is time to think about the end of the year, which means sales, sales and more sales. Well Quilting Affection is having an Year Ending Sale.  We are trying to get remove all the remaining fabric in our inventory.  All Fabric is 50% off, and we even have our patterns down to 30% off. So come over to our main page and check out what we have for you.  Great time to Stash build!!


Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 Block of the Month - Coming Soon

2016 Block of the Month, "Dance with Me"
In 2016 we will be starting something new and fun that I hope everyone will enjoy.  It is the first bloc of the month created by and for Quilting Affection.  It was a lot of fun to design and will be easy to make and a joy to display. 

Let me introduce you to "Dance with Me", this pattern is an applique and piecing combination that finishes at approximately 74” x 74” when complete.  Each of the blocks are 10” squares.  I’m in love with this quilt top, it is so soft and elegant, but can be strong and masculine at the same time. 

The color choices for this quilt are endless.  I’m making my demo quilt out of Contempo Studio Color Weave Fabrics, White, Black, Medium Pink, and Turquoises.   You can make this a spring, fall, summer or a winter holiday quilt. The background colors can be dark or light. Here are examples of some other color ideas, but the final color choices are up to you.

"Dance With Me!" Blue,Red,Brown,Cream Combination
White,Red,Green,Black Combination
“Dance with Me” BOM will be approximately 6 month program which will start on February 1st, 2016.  Each block will be released on or around the 1st of the month and then it will be available for free download only for that month. It will then be for sale after that, so if you miss a block you can purchase it through our website.  

More Information will become available starting in January along with yardage requirements. 
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tool Review: Qtools Sewing Edge

At Quilt Market, I received several samples of new products to try.  One of the products I received at the show From Quilt with Marci Baker, it was a product called "Sewing Edge" from her Qtools product line.  So, as I work on a new project I have decided to try it out on my machine.
The sample I received was small, I wished it was a couple inches smaller.  I did notice the true product strips are much larger and can be cut down to fit your machine. I did find the strip is very sticky, but not to stick so it cant be removed.  The strip when placed didn't move at all, like other products I have tried in the past.  Make sure you watch the video on her website or using your smartphone to scan the code for the video on how to use the product.
After the strip was in place and secure, I began sewing lining up the pieces of fabric next to the strip and sewing right along. I noticed that my fabric was lining up nicely and staying straight as I sewed the pieces together.  I really didn't have problems with my ends of the pieces becoming narrow, like was in the past, either.
The stitch lines came out nice and straight.
When looking at the price of the product on her website, it was not that expensive. The cost of the product was $8.95 for 10 strips.  I think they would last you along time with how sticky the strips are.

Overall, I like this product will keep on using this product for a while, wishing I have a couple of other pieces to try on my other machines.