Friday, August 29, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Finishing

Today, we will be finishing our “Let It Snow Man!!” pattern, by going over the hat, hair, and borders. 
Let It Snow Man!! Hat TemplateThe next steps are for the Yo-Yo hat and Zig Zag hair.  Note: If you use the optional 2 ½” circle template and hair template, fuse them into place and blanket stitch all the way around.
Now for the Yo-Yo hat and Zig Zag hair. Let’s start making paper templates of the hair and hat, by tracing the patternLet It Snow Man!! Hat Template on a blank piece of paper and then cutting them out.  Then lay the hair templates to the side. 
Using the hat circle template trace and cut out the circle on the back of the fabric you have chosen for the hat.  Let It Snow Man!! Hat TemplateBefore making the Yo-Yo, I suggest taking the hat flower and fusing it onto the hat fabric and using a blanket stitch, sew around the flower edge.  Next fold the raw edge of the circle approximately ¼” in toward the wrong side of the fabric. Then with a needle and thread with a heavy knot at the bottom, use a long running stitch with medium stitches, sew near the folded edge of the circle.  Do not cut threat at the end.  Let It Snow Man!! Hat TemplateGently pull on the thread ends to gather the fabric circle, to make a 2 ½” circle. 
Now that the Yo-Yo hat is made, position it on your quilt top where it should go.  Then slide the hair template under the hat.  With an erasable marking tool trace around the hat and the hair template.  This will get you an idea to where you will sew the Zig Zag Stitches for the hair. Let It Snow Man!! Hat TemplateRemove the hat and hair template and set aside.
Note before you begin the Zig Zag Stitches, I suggest with a Let It Snow Man!! Hairseparate small piece of fabric sew a line of stitches at varies widths and lengths to find the right size.  I use a 3.0 width and a 2.5 length.  Let It Snow Man!! HairThis will vary on different sewing machines.  Also suggest using the hair diagrams in the pattern instructions.  Start with a thin layer of Zig Zag stitches all around the trace template area, in straight lines.  Begin and end each of the stitches like you did in machine applique by tucking the ends underneath under a few stitches.  Let It Snow Man!! HairOnce you have a thin layer of Zig Zag Stitches, you can go back and fill in bare spots with more stitches that are different width and lengths if you want.  In my project I used a different thread color to add some highlights to the hair.  I used a Brown-Black Rainbow Thread by Superior.  I suggest, as you finish, lay the hat on the hair to make sure it is to your liking.  Let It Snow Man!! Hair and HatOnce you are done with the hair, press the quilt top to make sure there is no puckering. 
Next, place the hat in its correct location and sew a blanket stitch all around the hat to complete the girl.  Let It Snow Man!! Hair and HatNow time for the borders.  Press once again to make sure everything is lying flat.  Trim the Background to a 16 ½” x 17” rectangle.
Assemble the 3 borders, following the directions with the top and bottom first and the right and left sides.  Once your borders are on, will finish be adding the Snowflakes and dots following the Pattern Diagram.  Fuse and sew them on with blanket stitches.  Let It Snow Man!! FinishedAfter they are all sewn on then press again to make sure no wrinkles and finish the Quilt as desired.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Machine Applique

Let It Snow Man!! Pattern FusedThe last couple days I have been showing you how to make the Quilting Affection “Let It Snow Man!!” Applique pattern.  So far we have discussed Preparing to make the pattern, Fusible webbing and Piece Placement and Background. Now we are to the point we start the Machine Applique around all the pieces.
Note before you start Machine Applique on any project practice on a practice piece of fabric before working on you main project.  Also keep a piece of paper or notepad nearby to write down any setting you use so you have them for future reference.
Now the pieces are fused to the fabric we will be using a blanket stitch around the stitches.  I suggest we gathering a few tools to have close by:  First, Self-threading Needles and pin cushion, scissors, and Thread and bobbins.  I love Superior Thread, so when I’m appliqueing I use a #40 to #50 wt. threads, like Masterpiece and King tut.  But you can use Aurifill or your favorite brand but just make sure it is a #40wt to #50 wt. thread.  When selecting your threads also try to match the Let It Snow Man!! Machine Appliquefabric as much as possible to make sure the thread blends into the fabric.  You really don’t want your stitches to stand out. 
I also recommend cleaning your machine before starting.  Also starting with a fresh 75/11 Microtex or 80/12 needles for this project, they work well with these weight sizes.
Now we are ready to start, I would find your blanket stitch on your machine.  If you not sure where it is on your machine I would refer to your owner’s manual.  After you have found your blanket stitch, I would recommend using a 2.0 width and 2.0 Length only on the larger open areas like the Shirt, Snowman body.  For your tight areas I would adjust to a 1.5 width and 15 length and sometimes you will have to drop to a 1.0 width. 
Let It Snow Man!! Machine AppliqueI start with one color and do all the areas with that color before moving on to the next color area.
When you’re ready to sew and have picked an area to start. Place your needle just outside the fused area and make sure your needle is lined up next to it and touching.  Pull your bobbin thread and then put your needle down.  Let It Snow Man!! Machine AppliqueMake a couple of small stitches and look to see if you need to adjust the width and length you will be using in that area. Then continue sewing until you get to the end of that piece (Don’t clip any threads if you have an auto thread cutter).  Bring the need up and move the fabric to the side clipping the bottom and top thread about 2” away from the last stitch.  Now with your thread clipped one on the bottom and one on the top.  You will now need to get your self-threading needle or our favorite sewing needle, and bring the top thread through the last stitch hole with your needle.  Once you have the top and bottom thread at the bottom tie a small knot and thread your needle again with both thread. Then tuck the thread under about 3 to 4 stitches and clipping thread. Let It Snow Man!! Machine Applique For the beginning stitch for that area on top, you will have to bring the top and bottom thread to the bottom, tie off and tuck the stitches the same way as before.  Repeat this for every applique area.
Once all the blanket stitches are done on the girl and snowman, we will start working on the hat and hair, which will be in tomorrow’s blog.  Then we will finish off with the borders and the snowflakes.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Pattern Pieces and Background

Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundNow that we have the fusible web pattern pieces ready to go. We need to prepare the background before we continue working with the pattern pieces.   Before you start, I suggest pressing your chosen background fabric and if needed use a little starch, like Best Press Starch. 
Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundOnce your fabric is ready, cut a piece of the background about 18 ½” x 18 ½”, a little bigger than the directions say, this will help with and shrinkage in the fabric.  Next, after you cut the 18 ½” x 18 ½” take your piece of background fabric back to the ironing board.  Press and starch heavy to Let It Snow Man!! Backgroundmake the background stiff (but don’t go too stiff, you want to keep the fabric moveable and light weight).  Once you are done, then cut your fabric to a straight 18”x18” square.
Leaving the 18” x 18” square on the cutting board, take your favorite marking tool and lightly mark 16 ½” x 17” rectangle on the backing.  You will center your pattern pieces in the center of this rectangle.  Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundNow, this is where the quilter Padded Quilt Board comes in handy.  Center your backing on this board and using a straight pin, pin your backing to the board and set aside.  Time to get your pattern pieces on the fabric.
Lay out all you pattern pieces and fabrics you will be using for the snowman, snowbank and girl.  Separate out the pattern pieces on the fabrics you have chosen to use for each piece.   Like I have done. 
Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesNow that the pieces and fabric is ready to go, time to fuse all the pieces to the fabrics.  Press the fabric before you start pressing the fusible webbing pieces to the fabrics.  Remember press the fabrics to the reverse or back side of the fabric.  Following you manufactures instructions of the fusible webbing, press the pieces to the fabric.  Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesLet the fabric cool a little bit and then check to make sure that the webbing is sticking to the fabric, if not press again.  Once you have the pieces on the fabric to your liking, cut them out following the pattern lines.  Do this to all your colors and pieces.  If fraying starts with any of the pieces especially small ones you may want to use a little “Dritz Fray-Check” around the pattern pieces.
Once you have all your pieces on the fabric and cut out to their shapes. Then the fun begins with the placement of the pieces.  Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesYou will need the Applique Placement Number in the instructions and the full size pattern diagram to help with this step.
Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesStarting with pattern piece #1, position the piece on the background fabric according to the Pattern Diagram.  Remember to remove the paper backing if needed (this depends on the fusible webbing you are using).  Then continue following the numbers one at a time. I recommend leaving the hat, hat flower, hair template and snowflakes off for now.  Just placing the main parts.  Note: long handle tweezers can be a big help when placing and arraigning the pattern pieces.
Also note the following when positioning the pieces:Let It Snow Man!! Placement
  • Snowman Arms and Ear Muff band are positioned under the snowman before fusing
  • The right mitten is over the carrot and left is under the carrot before fusing
If need, place straight pins to hold the pieces in place until you are ready to fuse them permanently.  Once you have the placement to your liking, you can then fuse the pieces according to manufactures instructions.
Tomorrow, I will start to show you how to do some of the Machine Applique.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Fusible Webbing

Let It Snow Man!! Appli-Kay Fusible WebbingToday, I want to work on the next step of making the patterns.  The “let It Snow Man” Pattern uses a raw edge applique with Fusible webbing.  Diana likes to uses Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Double-Stick Fusible Web with her applique patterns.  The Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Double-Stick Fusible Web product is a sheet of webbed glue sandwiched between two sheets of non-stick paper.
I like two different kinds of fusible webbing.  The First one is called Soft Fuse, which is very light weight and easy to use, can be found at your favorite quilt store.  Soft Fuse, is a great product, but it does not have the double stickiness like Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Double-Stick Fusible Web or my other favorite fusible webbing.   The other fusible webbing I like to use for applique is made by Floriani called "Appli-Kay Wonder".  After you peel off the paper after you press to piece to the fabric you will have a tacky fusible side to lay on your fabric and hold the piece to the fabric, plus you can move the pieces to the over and over again, until you press it fully to the fabric with your iron. The only thing I don't like about the Floriani "Appli-Kay Wonder” it is a little harder to get and little more expensive, but well worth it. Let It Snow Man!! Tracing Fusible WebbingThese are just recommendation, please feel free to use your favorite brand fusible webbing and make sure you follow the manufactures recommendations.
Once you have got your favorite webbing, it is time to transferring you pattern pieces to it using the light box technique.  If you do not have a light table you can make a make shift light table Using a window, or glass table with a lamp.
Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesPlace the pattern pieces facing down and trace them on the paper side of the fusible webbing.  Having the pattern pieces facing down will make sure that the pattern pieces are reversed on the fusible webbing. Tracing the pattern shapes, sewing lines and placement numbers, leaving about ¼” around each piece.  Once the pattern are all traced you will need to carefully cut the pieces leaving the ¼” around pattern pieces.

Note if you want to do the 5” Yo-Yo Hat and the Zig-Zag hair you will not have to make the fusible webbing templates, you will just have to make templates out of pieces of paper.  There is an optional hair template and 2 ½” hat circle templates how prefer a different look.

Tomorrow, we will go through the preparing the backing and placements.

For yesterdays, blog read it here.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Preparing to Make

Let It Snow Man!!I'm making the "Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern for a display in a local quilt store that has purchased the pattern and requested that I teach a class on it at the end of October.  I decide as I make this quilt, to show you some of the tips and techniques I do.
In this week’s blogs I will talk about the preparing, fusible webbing, the backing and pieces, machine applique, the hair and hat placement and the finishing of the top.
This pattern is written with the beginner quilter in mind.  Diana Dillard the patterns creator tried to make certain that the pattern instructions were complete and easy-to-understand.  She even include a special "Skill Builder" Section with additional techniques tips to help you along the way.
Let It Snow Man!! PackagesWhen you take the pattern out of the packaging you will notice that we have include the pattern pieces templates and pattern diagram pages.  The pattern Diagram will need to be assembled to make a full size pattern.  To assemble the full size pattern you will need to have Let It Snow Man!! Pattern Diagrama rotary cutter or scissors, straight edge, and tape.  Make sure you look at pages instructions and page numbers very carefully.   Cut along the dotted Lines where labeled and tape where it is labeled “Place LIS-PD-P_ and Tape Here".
As with any new project make sure you read through all the instructions carefully and thoroughly.
Now finding the right fabric that coordinates is always fun and frustrating at the same time.  You want fabrics to blend and coordinate together.   Have Fun with this, it is like dressing up a paper doll.  So many possibilities on making these patterns.
Let It Snow Man!! Fabric ChoicesYou may want have some additional tools with this pattern.  I suggest getting a pair of long handled tweezers, these can help you with the pieces placement.  Also suggest getting a quilters padded Quilt Board, this will help in the placing and moving of your patterns pieces around. You may want to have a rotary cutter, rulers, measuring tape, straight pins, starch, pressing sheet and marking pencil or pens ready for you.
Tomorrow, I will be talking about transferring the pattern pieces to your Fusible webbing.
If you would like to buy this pattern and any of others in the collection, please click here.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Kansas City Star BOM #10

Starry HeavensToday, I decided to take some time from working on my Pattern Development and many other projects to make up my Kansas City Start Block of the Month 10 which came in the mail last week.

Block 10 is called "Starry Heavens" and was published in the Kansas City Newspaper, in 1941.  The name is very appropriate for this block, due to the double star points this one has in it.

Kansas City City Star BOM #10The block starts with making two different looking sets of flying geese.  And then making half square triangles for preparing for the building of the block.

Kansas City City Star BOM #4Once all the flying geese are made you then sew them together to make them into one unit.

Kansas City City Star BOM #10The half square triangles are then combined with 2 1/2" squares to makethe outer points of the block.

Kansas City City Star BOM #10To assemble the unit into one block you lay the point units on the four corners and the flying geese in between the point units.  The very center is a 4 1/2" square.

Kansas City City Star BOM #10Once finished the block looks like the block above.  Two more blocks and then it will be time to work on making the quilt top.  I cant wait to see the final product.

I'm currently working on a series of blogs on making the "Let It Snow Man!!" Applique Pattern.  I hope to have them out next week for you to enjoy!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Introducing "Falling Leaves" Patterns

Falling Leaves PatternLet me introduce you to the Second Pattern in the Precious Season Collection.  Falling Leaves is a darling wall hanging with a little girl with dancing leaves and flying braid with the wind as she hangs seasonal elements outside. 

This pattern is an easy raw-edge applique pattern made with double sided web on a muslin foundation.   This project is fun to make. 

Like the "Let It Snow Man!!" the pattern is loaded with instructions

Falling Leaves Pattern VariationThe pattern is loaded with detailed instructions, full size diagrams and pattern pieces.  The quilt hanging finishes at 24" x 25".  The pattern retails for $12.00 each.

To buy both patterns click here!  We hope you enjoy these them as much as we as we do.  If you do make one of these cute adorable girls please email us a picture so I can put it in our gallery.

The last two in the Precious Season Collection will be release around the first week in September.  So keep coming back for updated information and sign up for our Newsletter to get more information on the patterns.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing "Let it Snow Man!! Pattern

Quilting Affection would like to you to see our first Pattern in a set of 4 that is being introduced to the public today. The collection will be called Precious Season's.  Precious Seasons, brings together the seasons in a little girls life.  Picking Flowers, Building a Snowman, Hanging Outdoor Decorations, and Playing in the Rain using raw edge applique techniques.

Let It Snow Man!!Starting Today, you can buy the First Two Patterns, "Let It Snow Man!!" and "Falling Leaves".  The First of September the next two patterns will be available for purchase.

The patterns were created by my dear and talented Mother-In Law Diana Dillard.  We have worked together over the last couple of years to putting them together.

Let It Snow Man!! 2"Let it Snow Man!!" is an adorable little girl and her snowman.  You can have fun with your favorite winter fabric collection or dig into your stash.  The pattern uses raw-edge fusible webbing to complete this charming quilted hanging. It is quick and easy, so even a beginner will have no problem getting this pattern done. 

The pattern is loaded with detailed instructions, full size diagrams and pattern pieces.  The quilt hanging finishes at 25" x 25".  The pattern retails for $12.00 each.

To get your pattern order here.  We hope you enjoy these patterns as much as we as we do.  If you do make one of these cute adorable girls please email us a picture so I can put it in our gallery.

Tomorrow, I will show off Falling Leaves, the second pattern to be release in the collection.

Love, Inspire and Create,