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"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Pattern Pieces and Background

Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundNow that we have the fusible web pattern pieces ready to go. We need to prepare the background before we continue working with the pattern pieces.   Before you start, I suggest pressing your chosen background fabric and if needed use a little starch, like Best Press Starch. 
Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundOnce your fabric is ready, cut a piece of the background about 18 ½” x 18 ½”, a little bigger than the directions say, this will help with and shrinkage in the fabric.  Next, after you cut the 18 ½” x 18 ½” take your piece of background fabric back to the ironing board.  Press and starch heavy to Let It Snow Man!! Backgroundmake the background stiff (but don’t go too stiff, you want to keep the fabric moveable and light weight).  Once you are done, then cut your fabric to a straight 18”x18” square.
Leaving the 18” x 18” square on the cutting board, take your favorite marking tool and lightly mark 16 ½” x 17” rectangle on the backing.  You will center your pattern pieces in the center of this rectangle.  Let It Snow Man!! BackgroundNow, this is where the quilter Padded Quilt Board comes in handy.  Center your backing on this board and using a straight pin, pin your backing to the board and set aside.  Time to get your pattern pieces on the fabric.
Lay out all you pattern pieces and fabrics you will be using for the snowman, snowbank and girl.  Separate out the pattern pieces on the fabrics you have chosen to use for each piece.   Like I have done. 
Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesNow that the pieces and fabric is ready to go, time to fuse all the pieces to the fabrics.  Press the fabric before you start pressing the fusible webbing pieces to the fabrics.  Remember press the fabrics to the reverse or back side of the fabric.  Following you manufactures instructions of the fusible webbing, press the pieces to the fabric.  Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesLet the fabric cool a little bit and then check to make sure that the webbing is sticking to the fabric, if not press again.  Once you have the pieces on the fabric to your liking, cut them out following the pattern lines.  Do this to all your colors and pieces.  If fraying starts with any of the pieces especially small ones you may want to use a little “Dritz Fray-Check” around the pattern pieces.
Once you have all your pieces on the fabric and cut out to their shapes. Then the fun begins with the placement of the pieces.  Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesYou will need the Applique Placement Number in the instructions and the full size pattern diagram to help with this step.
Let It Snow Man!! Pattern PiecesStarting with pattern piece #1, position the piece on the background fabric according to the Pattern Diagram.  Remember to remove the paper backing if needed (this depends on the fusible webbing you are using).  Then continue following the numbers one at a time. I recommend leaving the hat, hat flower, hair template and snowflakes off for now.  Just placing the main parts.  Note: long handle tweezers can be a big help when placing and arraigning the pattern pieces.
Also note the following when positioning the pieces:Let It Snow Man!! Placement
  • Snowman Arms and Ear Muff band are positioned under the snowman before fusing
  • The right mitten is over the carrot and left is under the carrot before fusing
If need, place straight pins to hold the pieces in place until you are ready to fuse them permanently.  Once you have the placement to your liking, you can then fuse the pieces according to manufactures instructions.
Tomorrow, I will start to show you how to do some of the Machine Applique.
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