Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Chromatic Blog Hop

I am so glad you are joining us for the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Chromatic Blog Hop. I and several other Studio 180 Design Certified Instructors made projects this week using the Chromatic Fabric Collection by Deb Tucker of Studio 180 Design.  You can find this week's Chromatic Blog Hop schedule below. I hope you will check out all the posts this week.

Monday, October 16th - Amy Costabile of Amy's Quilt Room

Tuesday, October 17th - Diana Mann of Murgaboo Quilts

Wednesday, October 18th - Tina Dillard of Quilting Affection Designs

Thursday, October 19th - Nicole Merriam of Heart of a Quilter

Friday, October 20th - Phyllis Fay of Tucker University

Saturday, October 21st - Studio 180 Design Wrap Up 

If you love bold colors, then you will love this fabric collection designed by Deb for Island Batik. The collection features colors such as oranges, reds, teals, blues, and purples. The first time I saw these fabrics, I was smitten with the colors. I even designed a quilt for the Island Batik catalog.  Later in this post, I'll show you more about this new pattern. First, let me introduce you to my Blockbuster project.

Choosing which Blockbuster to use was not easy. There were over 80 different blocks in the collection to choose from. In case you're unfamiliar with the Blockbusters, they're a set of free blocks where you can practice your quilting skills with the marvelous tools from Studio 180 Design. They are available on the Studio 180 Design website on the free downloads page. The latest ones are on their Facebook page.

My project was created using Blockbuster #52 Sparkler. The Tucker Trimmer and Corner Pop tools are used to make this block. I really enjoy playing with the Corner Pop tools.   

To complete my project, I decided to make a table runner out of the blocks. Blockbusters come in three sizes, and for this project, I chose a 9" block and an Island Batik basic white background to help the blocks stand out. Next, I needed to choose the Chromatic fabrics. In order to make the Sparklers really stand out, I chose a variety of colors.

In this BlockBuster, you start by making your popped corner units. With your Corner Pop tool, you can make these units quickly and easily. If you want to make this block, make sure you use your tool instructions. The chart tells you what size to cut your replacement triangles. 

With your Corner Pop tool, you will cut off the corners of a basic square and replace them with new oversized triangles. Using the Corner Pop tool, trim down the oversized triangles to create the perfect block each time.

The last thing you need to do is make the center pinwheels for each block. In order to achieve this, I made several oversized half-square triangles and trimmed them with the Tucker Trimmer.

To create a spinning effect in the table runner, I decided to make two different blocks and alternate their placement.  To give the table runner a whole new look, I placed all my blocks on point as I laid them out. I added two borders to complete the project.

My table runner turned out so beautiful, I just love it.

Now let me introduce to you my newest quilt pattern created with the Chromatic collection. Gears in Motion is a dynamic quilt that uses the Tucker Trimmer and the Split Rects tool. In order to make the quilt flow, one block is made in two different color schemes. Gears in Motion is available to purchase from my website.

Tomorrow Nicole Merriam of Heart of a Quilter will have another beautiful Chromatic project. Thank you so much for joining me today on the blog hop.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Day Two - Exuberance Blog Hop

It's my pleasure to have you on my blog today for day two of the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Exuberance Blog Hop. For those of you who haven't visited my site before, let me introduce myself. Hi! I'm Tina Dillard, the owner of Quilting Affection Designs and a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor. I have recently joined forces with my friend, fellow Certified Instructor Diana Mann of Muragboo Quilts. I'm bringing you an improved Precision Block Academy, which I created in 2021.

Throughout this Blog Hop, a few of my fellow Certified Instructors are sharing projects they have done with precuts from the recently released Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design's Exuberance Fabric Collection Line for Island Batik Fabrics. Landing in your local quilt shops now.  

Here is the Blog Hop Schedule:

When the Studio 180 Design team named this new collection, they got it right. The colors are full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness, which is what Exuberance means. They have really brought it together in this collection with the bold and rich colors that pop in any project you bring them into. 

For my project, I decided to do an original quilt that uses 10" squares to show off the colors. This is the first Star 60 project I have designed, and it utilizes one of the new Star 60 Technique Sheets, Power Strip 60. I'm in love with this creative technique that allows you to make multiple Star 60 units or Shaded 60 units. In this original project, I chose to make the Shaded 60 units using 10" squares and some Island Batik white fabric for my background.

I started off with this project by selecting a variety of 14 different 10" squares; half of the 14 would be for the diamond tips of the unit, and the other half for the companion triangle. I also cut background strips for the side triangles and more companion triangles. 

When making Shaded 60 units, they are very similar to Shaded Four Patches. However, you use the Star 60 tool for making 60-degree shapes and trimming. Using strip sets with bright, Exuberance colors for the diamonds and background fabric for the side triangles, a pieced Star 60 unit is created using these strip sets. Pieced Star 60 units can be added to a parallelogram unit cut from Exuberance and Background fabrics. On the pieced section, you can also mark stitching lines through the point diamonds. On the marked line, stitch a parallelogram right sides together with a pieced section. Press the seams toward the companion triangle and cut them apart 1/4" from the stitched lines. You now have some newly pieced diamonds ready to assemble.

It's time to add side triangles to those diamonds. Before I do that, I need to trim the sides that will have side triangles attached. Once I had the first trim done on the diamonds, it was time to add those side triangles.

Having assembled the units, I wanted to play with the quilt layout before trimming it down. I found the final layout to be the most challenging part of the whole process. Once I was happy with the layout, I did the final trim on the units. When I put the quilt together, I stitched the units into rows. At each row's end, I added half rectangle triangles to make the quilt square. Then I stitched all the rows together to finish the quilt top.

Once the quilt top was assembled, I added borders to each side to finish it.

This project was super fast and easy, thanks to the Power Strip 60 Technique. The bright, bold colors of the Exuberance fabric collection really make the pinwheel effect stand out. In the future, I'll make this a pattern. However, I'd like to tweak a few things to make it even easier for you if you want to try it out.

We're glad you're here for Day Two of the Studio 180 Design Exuberance Blog Hop. Please visit your local quilt shop and ask about the beautiful Exuberance Fabric Collection. This will bring energy and excitement to any quilt project you plan to make, just like it did for this project. I have more quilt patterns in this Exuberance collection in the works, so stay tuned for them.

Also, if you're interested in learning more about the Power Strip 60 technique or any of the Studio 180 Design Star 60 tools, check out Precision Block Academy. Registration opens in May.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Day Two - Modern Opulance Blog Hop

I’m so excited that you have stopped by my blog today during the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design Modern Opulence Blog Hop. My name is Tina Dillard, and I'm a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, author, instructor, designer, and owner of Quilting Affection Designs. Throughout the week, a few of my fellow Certified Instructors are bringing you projects that are either table toppers or table runners.

These projects are using Deb’s newest fabric line with Island Batik, Modern Opulence. It's full of oranges, blues, and golds that are rich and bold. For those fall-themed projects, they're perfect. As soon as I saw this collection, I fell in love. The possibilities are endless with this line. The schedule for this week is below, so make sure to follow each of these as the week progresses.

Monday, January 16th: Studio 180 Design kickoff

Monday, January 16th: Diana Mann of Murgaboo Quilts

Tuesday, January 17th: Tina Dillard of Quilting Affection Designs (today)

Wednesday, January 18th: Phyllis Fay of Stitchin’ in the Ditch

Thursday, January 19th: Raija Salomaa of Quilter’s Treasure Chest

Friday, January 20th: Studio 180 Design wrap up

The project I designed for this Blog Hop will be this month's Block Party Block. I'll quickly explain Block Party Blocks if you're not familiar. Block Party Blocks look just like Blockbuster blocks from Studio 180 Design. They're free downloads that come out around the 15th of every month. These blocks use a variety of Studio 180 Design tools and provide practice, fun, and inspiration. 

Let me introduce you to my Block Party Block #32 and Blog Hop Project "Opulence Puzzle." Deb's Modern Opulence fabric collection inspired this elegant table topper. Using Studio 180 Designs tools and techniques, I made the sample using the 36" x 36" table topper size, Wing Clipper, Large Square Squared, and Corner Beam tools. In addition, I've included Technique Sheets for Pickets and Quickets, Stacked Squares, and Birds of Paradise.

I'll show you how easy this project was by showing you the tools, the units, and the fabrics I used. Stay with me until the end of this blog, and I'll tell you how to download this free project that comes in 36" x 36" and 24" x 24".

I used seven different fabrics from the Modern Opulence collection in this table topper. Their values range from Light to Dark and include a Background and Coordinating fabric for the borders.  

I'll start with the first unit of this table topper, the Corner Beam. With the Corner Beam, you can cut your Side Triangles and Center Beams and trim the units with one tool. No more paper piecing. I used a mix of background and medium/dark fabrics from the collection for my Corner Beam Units.

Next, I made Flying Geese and Quickets units with Light, Medium/Light, and Dark fabrics. The wing clipper tool is used for these units. I love having a Wing Clipper around for flying geese. Use this tool to trim down Quicket units from your Picket and Quickets Technique Sheet.

To finish this project, I used the Large Square Squared Tool to create Birds of Paradise and Stacked Squares (Economy Blocks). Combining Light, Medium, Medium/Light, and Dark fabrics makes this Birds of Paradise unit bright and colorful. Last but not least, the Economy Block from the Stacked Squares Technique Sheet was made for the center using a combination of Background, Light, and Medium fabrics. 

After I make all my units, I can assemble the table topper, starting with the main block. Here's how the three rows look put together. A quilt's center could be a great block by itself.

After that, make another set of flying geese units and combine them with rectangles and squares to create the pieced border. You'll then sew the pieced borders to each side of the center block. It's finished off with coordinating fabric borders.

A gorgeous table topper from Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design Modern Opulence Fabric Line from Island Batik is easy to make and put together. This Block Party Block #32 "Opulence Puzzle" table topper pattern can be made by clicking on this link and downloading it.

Thanks for joining me on Day Two of the Modern Opulence Blog Hop. I'll see you on Phyllis Fay's Stitchin' in the Ditch blog tomorrow.