Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Customer T-Shirt Quilt Progress

I have completed Day 3 & 4 of My customers T-Shirt Quilt and it seems to be coming together really nicely.

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3

Day 3 of the T-Shirt Quilt started out very frustrating.  I was just having all kinds of problems with first row getting it all to line up properly.  Once I got the first row to line up, and started into the next row, things finally started to go on faster and easier.  Making a lot of notes a long the way to make the next quilts go faster.  I just got 2 rows done and started the 3rd at the end of Day 3.

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3Day 4 of the T-Shirt Quilt Construction went a little faster and easier,  I got the whole top done, except for the the borders which I will get them on Today.  I started the day out with finishing row 3 and sewing it on the to the top of the other 2 rows.  Next I started in on the next set of 3 rows, and once I sewed all the 3 rows together I then carefully pinned the to half's together and sewed them together. 

This quilt is getting closer to being done.  I still hopeful that I will have it done by May 2nd by the end of the day.  Today will be busy with adding the borders and then preparing the backing for quilting. 

Just a reminder, If you like this T-Shirt and would like to have your own made up for you please check out my T-Shirt Quilt Page on my Website.  All the T-Shirts Quilts are Currently 10% off until the end of our Grand Opening Sale May 4th.  These make great graduation and send off the college presents.

Have a great day of Sewing or Quilting!

Live, Inspire and Create,


Monday, April 28, 2014

Customer T-Shirt Quilt

The last couple days, I have been busy working on a new customer T-Shirt Quilt.  This Quilt is for a Graduation Present for the customers son.  She has requested for a Standard Double Sashing Queen Size to be made for him.  We are making this with Country Red and Royal Bella Solids fabrics. 

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3The first couple days were devoted to preparing all the T-Shirts. The first day is preparing the shirts for interfacing and squaring.  First Step is cutting down the sides of the shirts to separate the front and back   from each other. For this Quilt the customer made the process nice for me and marked with a label and the number of where the T-shirt goes in the quilt top.

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3Next Step,which goes into day 2, then ironing on back of shirt decal being used a piece of interfacing to make the shirt stable so it will not stretch during sewing.  After all the ironing is done, I then square the T-shirts down to a 14 1/2" Square.  Then I go back over each of the shirt with a Iron to make sure the Interfacing is securely on the back. 

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3I also make 2 four-patch blocks out of  8 pocket decals. Making the 4 patch I square the decals down to a 7 1/2" block and sew them together.

Day 3, Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3for this quilt was preparing the double sashings and corner stones.  I cut  1 1/2" strips and sew them all together.  Then after ironing them open Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3I cut 71-14 1/2" strips from the long strips and use the rest to make the corners stone pieces.  Which are made from 1 1/2" strip and sewn together to make a four patch.  Then sewing the corner stone pieces on the top of the 14 1/2" strips. 

Today will be Day 4, I need to get the quilt top together and start preparing the borders. Well better get this day started if I want to get all this done.

Have a great day of sewing or quilting,

Live, Inspire and Create,


Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to Work

Well the last couple of days have a been busy with adjusting to the Eastern time zone, and catching up all the business work that accumulated while we were on vacation.  It was so worth the extra work when we got home, we had a great time and got lot figured out the patterns.

T-shirt Quilt Order #3Yesterday, I started a new customer T-shirt Quilt Order.  The one will be a queen size and is for a graduation present.  Today, I plan to get work non-stop on it.

Live, Inspire and Create,


Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello From California

BackyardI can't believe that today is already Friday!  Time is going by so fast.
We'll for the last couple of days! We have been enjoying a little bit down time in sunny Northern California.  We are spending a week here with my husband’s father and step-mom.  I love it when we come here, due to the fact Diana  is a quilter and a pattern designer.  So we get along great.
We have been working on finalizing a couple of designs that we have been working on for the last couple years.  We are in the final stage of getting the product ready for the public.  The first of the patterns will probably release this July.
She has been also been developing more ideas for us.  She is designing and developing the patterns, and sending the fabric, and pattern pieces home with me to make and then write the patterns up.
Diana and I are having a blast working with the ideas.  She is so talented!  On my down time this week I am also catching up on some work, such as working on my own patterns and binding quilts. 
During all of this I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and sitting outside on the porch and watching the humming birds and the beautiful flowers move in the gentle breeze.
Hope everyone has a great weekend and Easter,
Live, Inspire and Create

Friday, April 11, 2014

Christmas Joy Quilt Top Finished

Christmas Joy!Yesterday, was a very productive day in the sewing studio.  After a few errands in town, I finally got to start sewing around 1pm and was finished by 5pm. 

I started by adding the Poinsettia row on the quilt top, which it lined up really well was please.  Then I then cut 9-5" strips out of the border fabric.  After carefully measuring and making sure the quilt was square I then, add the borders a little different than I have on other quilts.

I started with the long side borders first.  The went on very smoothly.  Then I prepared the top borders. Christmas Joy! First, I made 72" piece of green border fabric, then I added the checkerboard blocks to each of the sides of the green fabric for both pieces.  Then, I carefully pinned borders to the top and bottom to make sure the corners lined up perfectly and sewed them on.

I'm finished and it is ready for quilting now.  But that is going to have to wait, a little bit.  I have a trip coming up starting next Tuesday to California.  I need to finish a couple of patterns under development before we go, due to they are going with us.

Today, finishing cleaning my sewing room and some quilting on the longarm. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Live, Inspire and Create,


Christmas Joy!

Christmas Joy!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christmas Joy Row 6!

Christmas Joy!The last couple of days have been busy ones.  Tuesday, while I started cleaning my sewing room I got distracted by my UFO Christmas Joy Quilt project that has been sitting on my side table since last October, that should of been finished by Christmas.  I decide since I just need to finish one more row, I would go ahead Christmas Joy!and finish it.

I left off with last row #6, Poinsettia Row.  I had finished the first section of the row, during my class I was taking on the quilt.  Christmas Joy!Before I stopped working on this quilt I had finished the piecing of the blocks, so they just needed the poinsettia stems and leaves machine appliqued on the blocks. 

After all the poinsettia blocks where finished, I add the background fabrics almost to make the blocks set up on point.  The rows finished at 72 1/2" wide. Christmas Joy! I just need to trim the make the height at 14" high.

The I finished by add checker border row to the bottom of the row.  It just need the row sewn to the bottom of the Basket row and the main part of the quilt will be finished.  Then Borders, I think I will finished this week.  Yeah!

Yesterday, I did not get any sewing done, I was doing errands and desk work!  This afternoon, I plan to get in the sewing studio and get this quilt finished. 

Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

Live, Inspire and Create,


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Primrose Path Top Finished

Primrose PathWell yesterdays, was a good day in the sewing studio.  I finished Primrose Path quilt top.  I left off with all the rows made, so I started by adding sewing all the rows together.  When you have all the rows together you will end up with 4 blocks across and 6 blocks down. 

Primrose PathThen is was time to sew on the borders, starting with the inner border, which was a cutting 6-strips at 2" and sewing them all the way around

Primrose PathThe last border, 6-strips at 5 1/2" wide. The finished quilt top measures at 56" X 76" All that is needed now is a nice pantograph quilting and binding.

Today, I think I will work on a few things in the sewing studio while starting to clean the studio. 

Have a Great Sewing and Quilting Day!

Live, Inspire and Create,


Monday, April 7, 2014

New Quilt Top Started!

Primrose PathWow, some time the weekends go fast, wishing they were a little longer.  Today, I will be back in the studio, finishing a new quilt top I started on Friday.  This one is called Primrose Path, by Pat Steiner the pattern came from Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, Maryland.  I bought this pattern last November as a kit on the Shop Hop bus tour.  

This pattern uses 12 different color of Fat Quarters to make a lap Size quilt top.  You cut the 18" x 22" piece of fat quarter into 10 pieces.  2- 8" x 8" pieces, 4-2" x 11" and 4 - 2" x 8".  Primrose PathIn cutting this pattern,  I trimmed and squared up the two sides of the fat quarter after ironing it flat.  Then, I cut the fat quarter twice with out moving any of the pieces.  I stated by cutting 2 pieces of 8" x 22' out of the fat quarter.  With one of the pieces I cut 2 it into more pieces, 8" x 11" and 8" x 8", and set them aside.  The other piece, I cut into 2- 8" x 8" pieces, and then put them aside into a stack.  Then taking them 8" x 11" and the 8" x 8" you cut from the first stack you need to cut them into 2" strips.  I did my strips using my Accuquilt Go!  So much faster!.  Now you are ready to start assembling.

Primrose PathStarting with the 2" x 8" pieces sew them on the sides of the 8" x 8" square.  Using different fabrics on each side.  Then sew on the tops and bottoms using the matching fabrics that where used on both sides, so you will have used only 3 different fabrics.

Primrose PathOnce you have all the sides on the blocks you will then cut the squares in half through the 2" x 8" sides. 

Primrose PathThen, matching up the half blocks up with another block and sew them together to make a new full block. Making sure to match all the seams together. 

Primrose PathThen you can start to assemble the rows.  Sewing 4 block across. 

Today, I will be finishing sewing the rows together, and adding the borders.  I can't what to see this quilt top finished.  Will Show the finish quilt top tomorrow.

Have a Great Sewing Day!

Live, Create and Inspire,


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy, but still Quilting!

The last couple weeks have been busy.  We have been balancing 2 remodeling projects on the weekends.  The first one is at my house were we are completely remodeling the entry way and the hallway to your house.  The wall had this old wallpaper which needed to be removed.  Under the wallpaper where bare walls what had no primer or paint on them from past remodeling and the Sheetrock work was done poorly.  So my dad suggested that we texture the walls. But before that we decided hang new bedroom and closet doors since a couple of the doors need to be replaced anyhow.  So the are now done, so this Saturday we decide to go ahead texture the walls.  That is hard work applying the texture, but it is well worth the time and effort.  You can't see the imperfections in the walls now. 

Now that is was drying this Sunday, we went to my friend Lynn's house and Sheetrock and mud her basement bathroom.  After we took all old Sheetrock that had be come molded from a couple floods in her basement.  That was a fast job on Sunday, but it the first step in the remolding of her basement.  She should be painting the bathroom this weekend and then we can lay the tile and put everything back in so the bathroom can be used.

I have been quilting, while during the week, but the projects I have been on top  secret mode right now, do to they are patterns that are in the finishing stages for development.  I may start working on a project on the side so I have a quilt to show you all.

Well time to get busy in the sewing studio.

Live, Inspire, Create