Monday, April 7, 2014

New Quilt Top Started!

Primrose PathWow, some time the weekends go fast, wishing they were a little longer.  Today, I will be back in the studio, finishing a new quilt top I started on Friday.  This one is called Primrose Path, by Pat Steiner the pattern came from Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, Maryland.  I bought this pattern last November as a kit on the Shop Hop bus tour.  

This pattern uses 12 different color of Fat Quarters to make a lap Size quilt top.  You cut the 18" x 22" piece of fat quarter into 10 pieces.  2- 8" x 8" pieces, 4-2" x 11" and 4 - 2" x 8".  Primrose PathIn cutting this pattern,  I trimmed and squared up the two sides of the fat quarter after ironing it flat.  Then, I cut the fat quarter twice with out moving any of the pieces.  I stated by cutting 2 pieces of 8" x 22' out of the fat quarter.  With one of the pieces I cut 2 it into more pieces, 8" x 11" and 8" x 8", and set them aside.  The other piece, I cut into 2- 8" x 8" pieces, and then put them aside into a stack.  Then taking them 8" x 11" and the 8" x 8" you cut from the first stack you need to cut them into 2" strips.  I did my strips using my Accuquilt Go!  So much faster!.  Now you are ready to start assembling.

Primrose PathStarting with the 2" x 8" pieces sew them on the sides of the 8" x 8" square.  Using different fabrics on each side.  Then sew on the tops and bottoms using the matching fabrics that where used on both sides, so you will have used only 3 different fabrics.

Primrose PathOnce you have all the sides on the blocks you will then cut the squares in half through the 2" x 8" sides. 

Primrose PathThen, matching up the half blocks up with another block and sew them together to make a new full block. Making sure to match all the seams together. 

Primrose PathThen you can start to assemble the rows.  Sewing 4 block across. 

Today, I will be finishing sewing the rows together, and adding the borders.  I can't what to see this quilt top finished.  Will Show the finish quilt top tomorrow.

Have a Great Sewing Day!

Live, Create and Inspire,


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