Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Customer T-Shirt Quilt Progress

I have completed Day 3 & 4 of My customers T-Shirt Quilt and it seems to be coming together really nicely.

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3

Day 3 of the T-Shirt Quilt started out very frustrating.  I was just having all kinds of problems with first row getting it all to line up properly.  Once I got the first row to line up, and started into the next row, things finally started to go on faster and easier.  Making a lot of notes a long the way to make the next quilts go faster.  I just got 2 rows done and started the 3rd at the end of Day 3.

Customer T-Shirt Quilt 3Day 4 of the T-Shirt Quilt Construction went a little faster and easier,  I got the whole top done, except for the the borders which I will get them on Today.  I started the day out with finishing row 3 and sewing it on the to the top of the other 2 rows.  Next I started in on the next set of 3 rows, and once I sewed all the 3 rows together I then carefully pinned the to half's together and sewed them together. 

This quilt is getting closer to being done.  I still hopeful that I will have it done by May 2nd by the end of the day.  Today will be busy with adding the borders and then preparing the backing for quilting. 

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Have a great day of Sewing or Quilting!

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