Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Hearts Delight Pattern

Hearts Delight RedToday, I would like to introduce you all to our newest Quilting Affection Pattern for the Spring/Summer.  This pattern was Designed and Created By Myself and my Mother Diana Dillard. 

The pattern uses a blend of Applique and Piecing Blocks, with the a two-color Variations. Hearts Delight BlueHeart's Delight Pattern is fast, easy to put together with a Finishing sizes of 59 1/2" x 70".  The instruction are full of color diagrams and complete with the applique diagram, and easy-to-follow written instructions. 

We made this pattern in two examples in White/Red and Blue/White to show you can make these in variations of colors.  You can have lots of fun with your personal favorite colors.

If you like to purchase our pattern visit our Hearts Delight Pattern.

We are currently working on the next pattern.  See you all soon.