Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Garden Enchantment BOM Part 3

Today is the final tutorial on how to make the SideKick & High/Low Units of the Garden Enchantment BOM Block 1. If you missed the first couple of blog posts on how to assemble units in this block, you can catch up by clicking on these links:  Part One and Part Two.

For Block 1 we will be making 16 SideKick & High/Low units. If you are not familiar with this technique or want to get more information on this unit, I suggest you pick up the SideKick & Hight/Low Technique Sheet, which is now available on my website.


For this section, we will be removing the left Side of the based Section Square and replacing it with a Side Triangle that is cut with your Studio 180 Design V-Block® Tool. 

Start off by gathering the White square (Base Sections), Purple Strip and Dark Purple Squares (Low Corner).  Read your pattern cutting instructions for the exacts sizes to cut.

Based Section Cutting
Right Handed

Left Handed
2.  Position the White based section square fabric FACE UP for cutting. 

3. Then you are going to place the Dotted line of you V Block® on the edge of the base section square and the bottom of the finished unit size guideline along the raw edge of the square.  Cut along the slanted edge of the tool.  

Repeat the steps above for all your remaining based sections.

Side Triangle Cutting

Please remember when cutting your Side Triangles this is the same process as when you make V-Block Units.

Right Handed

Left Handed
4.  Place your Purple Strip FACE UP for cutting. This will ensure we are getting the correct side triangle for the replacement.  

5.  Position the Bold Solid line of you V Block® Trimmer on the edge of the trimmed end of the Purple strip and make sure to line up the bottom of the finished size guideline along the raw edge of the strip.  Cut along the slanted edge of the tool.

Right Handed

Left Handed

6.  Rotate the V Block tool 180° and position the extended diagonal line against the previously trimmed slanted cut.

7.  Layout the Side Triangles and base section face up as they will be positioned in the final unit. Position a side triangle and base section with right sides facing together.  Align the edges and Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.

Repeat to make 16 Side Triangle Units.

Do Not Trim at this point!  We need to add the Low unit next.

8.  Mark a diagonal line down the wrong side of your Dark Purple Square.  This will be your stitching line.

9. Position the Dark Purple Square in the bottom right-hand corner of your SideKick with right sides together and the line going across the corner. 

10.  Stitch on the line, Trim the seams 1/4" from the stitching lines, and press away from the based unit.

Trim Down

Right Handed

Left Handed
11. Position the V-Block® trimmer tool on the unit.  Making sure to line up the side triangle seam with the guideline on the tool and to Position the intersection of the two seamlines where the guidelines on the tool intersect.  Note the seam on the folded corner will not line up with the guideline of the tool. Align the Finished size measurement with the seam lines.  Trim the first two sizes.    

Right Handed

Left Handed

12. Rotate your SideKick & High/Low unit 180° and line up the V Block® tool again. Aligning the cut size stated in your instructions with the previously trimmed edges and the "X" lines with the sewn seam line intersections.  Trim the last two remaining sides. 

You will make 16 SideKick & High/Low units.

Now we have all your units made for this block, refer to your pattern instructions and complete the assembly of your blocks. Please read the instructions thoroughly.

See you on May 15th for Block 2 release and tutorials.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Garden Enchantment BOM Month 1 Part 2

Welcome back to Part two of the Month 1 block for the Garden Enchantment BOM.  If you missed Part One you can catch up HERE.  

Today, we are making the four Diamond in Square units for the center of our blocks.  

1. Gather your white squares and Green Strip.

Left Handed
Right Handed
2. Position the Center Square Section of the Square Squared tool over the green strip.  Placing the Square Squared tool on the trimmed edge of the strip, lining up the corner of the strip with the center for the size of the unit.  Cut up the side and across the top to get a precise unit.  Repeat to make 4 center squares.

3. Cut the White squares on the diagonal once to yield two triangles from each square to white triangles.

4.  Position two triangles on opposite sides of the center square.  Stitch with the square on top of the triangle for best visibility using a 1/4" seam.

 Press seams away from the center square.

5.  Position the remaining two white triangles on the green center square.  Stitching two triangles using a 1/4" seam allowance and press seams again away from the center square.

Left Handed

Right Handed
6. Position the Trim Down Section of the Square Squared tool over the unit.  Be sure to refer to your pattern instructions for trim sizes.

Left Handed

Right Handed

7.  Rotate your Diamond in a Square Unit and reposition the Square Squared tool and the two remaining sizes.

Make 4 Diamond in the Square Units.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Garden Enchantment BOM Month 1 Part 1

Welcome to the Garden Enchantment Block of the Month Kick off. I'm excited to bring you the first block in this 6-month block of the month series.

On the 15th of every month, I will release the next block in the series and a tutorial right here on my blog on how to make the units and assemble the blocks.  I will also provide you a link to where you can purchase the pattern.  You will have two options for buying the pattern, for U.S. Only customers, please use my website.  If you are an international customer, please use my Etsy Shop.

I have set up a Garden Enchantment page on my website, where you can download the General Instructions and find the yardage requirements for this quilt.

You will need the following Studio 180 Design tools to complete this quilt,  Tucker Trimmer® I, Wing Clipper® I, Square Squared® 6", V Block® Trimmer, and Quilter's Magic Wand which is all sold separately.  I use the following Studio 180 Design Technique Sheets in this quilt; SideKick & High/Low, and Pickets & Quickets these Technique Sheets are optional to purchase.  If you need any of these tools, they can be obtained from my website.

The fabrics used in these quilts are from the Island Batik "Paisley Park" Collection.  If you are looking for these fabrics online, please check out the following stores: Quilter's Obsession and Hancock's of Paducah.

Before we start this tutorial, I want to also mention we do have a Garden Enchantment BOM Facebook Group.  You are welcome to come to join at any time.  This is where you can ask questions, share your fabrics and finished blocks.  If you are interested, please click Here to join.

Now let us get started Month 1's Tutorial!

Month 1 is now available for purchase.  You will also need the following Studio 180 Design tools to make this month blocks; Tucker Trimmer® I, Square and V Block® Trimmer.  This block will consist of the following units Half Square Triangles and SideKick & High/Low.  For this block, we are going to make 4 blocks that will measure 9" square finished.

For the next couple of days, I will break each of the tutorials in several parts. Today, we will be discussing how to make the Half Square Triangles, Tuesday will be Diamonds in a Square, and Wednesday will be SideKick and & High/Low Units and Assembly.

Half Square Triangles: 

We are starting with making the Half Square Triangles for the blocks.

Eight at Once Technique Sheet

Please Note:  I originally wrote this pattern to the traditional way of making two Half Square Triangle units at a time.  If you prefer you can use the Eight at Once Technique Sheet two speed up the process for some of the Half Square Triangle Sets.  I will not be providing the directions in my tutorial on how to make this method.

1.  Gather all you squares that you need according to the cutting chart in your pattern instructions.

2.  Using your Quilter's Magic Wand and a fine tip marking pencil Mark two stitching lines 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal line on the wrong side of the squares indicated in your pattern instructions.

3.  With right sides facing, layer a marked square with the other fabric that is indicated in your instructions.

4.  Stitch on the lines and cut down the middle.

5. Press the seams according to the pattern instructions.
Right Handed

left Handed

6. Position the Tucker Trimmer® over the unit, carefully aligning the common diagonal and sizing diagonal line with stitched seam for the size of the unit and trim the side and across the top first.
Right Handed

Left Handed

7.  Rotate the unit 180° Degree and line up the Tucker Trimmer and trim the two remaining sides the HST size according to the pattern instructions.

8.  Repeat to make all the Half Square Triangles that are required according to your pattern instructions.

Thank you for joining me today for Part 1 Half Square Triangles units. Be sure check in tomorrow for part two on how to make the Diamond in the Square units using the Square Squared 6" Tool.  


Friday, April 12, 2019

Graceful Points QAL Block 6

Graceful Points is back today with the release of Block #6 in this quilt along.  If you would like to join in on the fun of this quilt along, you can catch up by reading the kickoff blog post.  Please remember you can catch up at any time.

Block #6, which is Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #8 - 54-40 or Flight block is a fast, easy block to make.  This block uses the Studio 180 Design V Block® Trimmer and Four Patches to make up the unit.  I just recently used this block in last months Island Batik Ambassador, "Vintage Reimagined" challenge project. You can see my project and read about it HERE!

Before we start, you will need the following fabric colors, BG, C1, C2, C3, please refer to your color chart found in your general instructions. You will also want to download the Block #6 and the Blockbuster #8 54-40 Instructions, both are required to make your block.

Please remember that the pictures used in this tutorial are for the 6" block for the Wallhanging.  Be sure to read the Downloaded Block Instructions to get the correct cutting and trimming sizes for the 12" block, which are indicated in (Blue) parenthesis.

Also since we are working with a new tool, please remember to read your V Block Trimmers instructions, and you can also refer to Deb's "V-Block Trimmer" Video

Let's get started, 54-40 or Flight block.

Unit A: V Block 

Center Triangles

1.  Gather your strips, fold them in half placing right sides together on a cutting mat.

Right Handed

Left Handed

2. Fold the ends as shown in the picture above just deep enough to accommodate the slant cut for your finished unit size.

3. Position the V Block® tool so that the dashed line aligns with the fold and the Fold line matches up with the finished size. 

4. Trim along the slanted edge of your tool.

5.  Next, you will remover your tool from your strip. Then pick up the strip and flip from top to bottom.

Right Handed

Left Handed

6. Align the V Block® tool center triangle trim line with the previously trimmed edge and Cut the next center triangles.

Make 4 Center Triangles.

Side Triangles

1. Gather your Side Triangle Strips, fold the strip in half, placing the right sides together on a cutting mat.  Cleaning up the selvage end of the strips.

Right Handed

Left Handed

2.  Position the V Block® tool, so the bold solid line aligns up against the trimmed end of the strips and the Finished line against the bottom of the strip. 

3. Trim along the slanted edge of the tool.

Right Handed

Left Handed

4.  Rotate the tool 180°, positioning the tool, so the extended diagonal line is against the previously trimmed slant cut.  Trim along the straight edge of the tool.

5.  Each cut will produce mirrored image side triangle pairs.

Make 4 Side Triangle Pairs.

V Block Assembly

1.  Arrange your side triangles pairs and center triangles as shown above.  

2.  Position the left side triangle on a center triangle, so the right sides are together, making sure to line up the slanted cut edges tip to tip.  Stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance and press the seam toward the side triangle.

3. Position the right side triangle on the other side and making sure to line up the slants edges tip to tip.  Stitch and press like you did on the other side.

Right Handed Trim

Left Handed Trim
4.  Place the V Block® tool on the unit and aligning up the Finished size measurement with the seam lines.  Trim along the first two sides.

Left Handed Trim

5. Rotate the unit 180° and line up the V Block® too over the unit again, aligning the units cut sizes with the previously trimmed edges and "X" with the sewn line intersections.  Trim the remaining two sides. (not pictured the right-hand trim). 

Make 4 V Block units.

Unit B Four-Patch units.

Since we have done the Four-Patch units before,  I will not be talking about them any further.  If you need a refresher, please read Block #4 Rolling Stone blog post.  

When all your units are complete, all you have to do is finish your block #5. Please follow Blockbuster page Download to make sure you lay out the units correctly.  Making sure the Four-Patch units are going in the correct direction.


Block 5 is now complete, I look forward to seeing your Blocks, and I hope you will share your photos in the comments section below or on the Graceful Points Facebook Group.  Additionally, you can post your blocks on Facebook or Instagram making sure to use the #gracefulpointsqal and/or #quiltingaffection designs.  I can't wait to see your blocks.

The next block will be released on April 26th, where we will be continuing to use the Tucker Trimmer I and the V Block tools.

Also starting Monday, I will be hosting another Quilt Along for my next Block of the Month Pattern, "Garden Enchantment".  If you would like more information, please check out my website.

Have fun with the block and a great weekend!

"Designs to Inspire"