Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Showers Mystery Quilt: Week 3 Flowers

I think Spring and Summer have finally arrived here in the Maryland area.  Still many of you, especially in Minnesota, Mother Nature just wants you to stay in winter mode a little longer.  I hope the April Showers Mystery Quilt project is helping you out of those winter blues and help you start thinking about those spring flowers popping up everywhere.

Week 3 is here, Kari Schell and I continue the collaboration of showing you how to design and piece the April Shower Mystery Quilt.

If you have missed any of my blog posts on how to piece, you can catch up with the series here:

Week 1 Umbrellas
Week 2 Raindrops

Today, we will bring some color to your quilt top with some flowers and finish assembling our quilt top.

I have to omit that Kari Schell, On the Point Quilter, has been challenging me each week with all the blocks she has designed for this mystery quilt in EQ8.  Each of the blocks continues to work off the Studio 180 Design, Corner Beam® Tool.  You definitely will get lots of practice making the Corner Beam blocks.

Week 3 Flowers
The Flower blocks are very similar to last week's raindrop blocks, except how you make the center block for the Corner Beam, then the rest of the steps are identical.

Be sure to check out how Kari designs the blocks in EQ8, Here. If you would like to learn how to develop these blocks in EQ8, visit her posts here, Week 1 and Week 2.

Make sure you watch the video tutorial here and download the pattern Here.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Northern Woods Blog Hop!

Greetings everyone!  I'm so delighted that Nan Baker, asks me to part of this Northern Woods Blog Hop. I received Nan's Island Batik signature collection, Northern Woods in my Island Batik Ambassador box.  

I have been using the beautiful Northern Woods collection in my ambassador projects for the last couple months.  I love this collection and how it brings the colors of the forest to you. 

So, let me show you some of my projects that I have been using with this fun and exciting collection.

First, in March the ambassadors were tasked to try a new technique.  I chose the Studio 180 Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Technique. I had never made one before and really need to start working with it since I had to make one for my Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor Application.  

Making the Lemoyne Star was so much fun and combining it with the Northern Woods Collection was the right decision.  The browns really popped in this small wallhanging/table runner.  I only used 5 Fat eights bundles and a little extra coordinating fabric for the borders and backing.  The binding was made from scrap pieces of the fabric. You can read a bit more about this project, HERE.

Next up is my latest Island Batik Ambassador project for April. We were challenged to make a 36" x 36" or larger quilt from a quilt block from the past.  I went back to the patterns that my mom gave me from my Great Grandmother for some inspiration.  

So, using the remaining Fat Eights and coordinating fabric from the Northern Woods collection, I decided to use the mail order pattern Design 907, she labeled Pinwheel and made it up and put a little twist on the pattern.  

With the stack of fabric remaining, I just had enough to finish this quilt that measured 36" x 36".  I used my Janome 7700 to do all the quilting on this stunning wall hanging. I usually would use my longarm, but I wanted to get some practice on machine quilting on my domestic, and boy did I need practice.  I love this colors and how the browns highlight the stars in the middle of the block.  I used the remaining coordinating fabric for the borders and binding.  You can read more about the project HERE.

Between the two projects I completely I finished off the Northern Woods Bundle I received in my ambassador project.

Thank you for joining me today, as I shared my Northern Woods Projects, be sure to check out the other blogs that were done this week, many of them have giveaways.


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Also, Check out the Island Batik Blog, to find out more about the Northern Woods Collection and register to win your own Northern Woods Bundle.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Island Batik Ambassadors: Looking Back, Vintage Challenge

After I finished my march Island Batik challenge, I started working on ideas for the next one.  For April, we were tasked to do something a little different this time.  The goal was to dig into history and take a block from the past and bring it back to life with a bit of modern twist. The quilt is to measure 36" x 36" when finished.

So when I read the task, I thought about some patterns that my mom gave me that belonged to my Great Grandmas.  She ordered patterns that she saw from ads in the newspaper.  Many of the envelopes that I have were labeled that they came from The Washington Farmer Needlecraft Services, and list a PO Box at Old Chelsea Station in New York, New York.  By the date stamped on the envelope, I would say she ordered them in the late 1950's.

I have several of her patterns and a lot of pattern pieces that don't have the designs to go with them.  My Great Grandma made a lot of her templates from old cereal boxes, and a few were made from sandpaper.  My mom tells me she would use old clothing for the fabric for the quilts.

The pattern I chose for making my vintage quilt was called Design #907, and Great Grandma wrote "Pinwheel" below the picture of the quilt.  So I redesigned the pattern in my EQ8 program and started working on designs to modernize it.

Once I had the basic pattern, I decided to use the rest of my Northern Woods Collection to make it.  I only twelve Fat Eights left over, and a yard of the coordinating fabric left over from the March project.

I decided to start with the blocks cutting out the blocks first.  Now my Great Grandma would be tracing out all the template pieces and cutting them out with scissors and stitching them all by hand.  I would be cutting them out with my rotary cutter and using my sewing machine.

The blocks were reasonably easy to make.  I just need to be careful and not to make a mistake due to the lack of fabric I had.

I finished four blocks, now I need to figure out how to get this quilt to measure the 36" x 36" that was required for the challenge.

So after looking through my fabric left over, I had enough to make sashing around the blocks made out of strip sets. So after a lot of playing with the layout, I assembled the quilt.

I then add 3" borders from the Coordinating fabric, I finished the quilt top to 36" x 36", now it was time to get it quilted.  For this one, I went back quilted this one on my sewing machine instead of my longarm.  It was a lot of fun, but I could tell that I was out of practice.

My project is now complete!  I was quite pleased with how this one turned out.  Looking forward to the next Island Batik Project.

You may want to check out the new techniques projects that the other Island Batik Ambassador have made this month. 

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2018 Master the Rulers: Studio 180 Design Blockbuster #15

This week, I have moved my Blockbuster Challenge blog up one day for an excellent reason.  Tomorrow, I'm participating in the Northern Woods Blog hop, so I had to move this blog post up one day.

Today, I have Diamonds in my eyes as I make Blockbuster #15 Floating Diamonds, the last one in Series One.

Floating Diamonds uses the Studio 180 Design, Diamond Rects® Tool and I used three colors from my Island Batik Fabric Stash from past years.

I started with making the 3" x 6" Diamonds. Referring to the chart that came with my ruler, I needed strips of fabric that measured 3 1/4" wide, to cut out the diamond centers.  Placing my Diamond Rects® tool on my stack of strips I made my first cut.

Rotating the strips around, I made my second cut using the Diamond Rects® tool.

I now had 4 perfectly cut diamonds, two of each color.

Next, I started to cut the side triangles from 2 3/4" x rectangles that I cut from a 4" strip of neutral fabric.

This would yield 2 side triangles per, one rectangle and  I need 4 side triangles per diamond.

Now that the diamond center and the side triangle were cut out. I positioned the side triangles around the diamond center, making sure the bias edge matched the center bias edges and the straight edges were facing outside.

I started stitching the two opposite sides together on the center of the diamond. Making sure the edges matched up, and pressing away from the diamond.

Then continuing with the remaining sides and pressing away from the diamond.

Now I was ready to trim the rectangles down to size.  Using the trim down side of the Diamond Rects® tool, I placed it on top of the rectangles and trimmed down to 3" x 6".

Now that the diamond rectangles were finished, it was time to cut out 8 - 2" x 5" rectangles of the neutral fabric and 4 of each color I used as the diamond centers.  I laid them out and stitched them together.

Now I have the long rectangle units made, I again laid the blocks out and stitched them together with the Diamond rectangles. I wanted the colors to be the opposite of the diamond rectangle fabric.

Once that was done, I began stitching the four blocks together.

Blockbuster #15 Floating Diamonds is now complete.  There is a lot of color combinations you could do with this block.  I'm looking forward to next week when we start series two. I think they will be challenging blocks, but rewarding at the same time. This is great practice as I prepare myself for the Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor Class in July.

You can check out my completed Blockbuster blocks HERE.

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

April Showers Mystery Quilt: Week 2 Raindrops

Welcome back for week 2 in the April Showers Mystery Quilt.  How are you doing on your umbrella blocks?  I know the Umbrella blocks were a little tricky, but this week, we are making easier blocks.

If you are new to the April Showers Mystery Quilt. Let me provide you with a quick background on this blog series. Kari Schell, On Point Quilter and myself, are collaborating on the April Showers Mystery blog series this month. Kari has developed the mystery quilt and will be providing the EQ8 (Electric Quilt) instructions and I will be providing the instructions on how to piece the quilt using the Studio 180 Design rulers. 

If you like to catch up on week one, then click on this link to the first week's post.

For week 2, we are making raindrop blocks and starting to put our blocks together. Did you read Kari's post on the how to design the blocks in EQ8? Check it out HERE.  

The blocks are a combination of the Corner Beam unit and set inside a square in a square unit.  The Studio 180 Design rulers used in this block are Corner Beam® and the Squared Square® 6" tools.  Again this week I have created a Video Tutorial and providing you a free pattern on how to make the blocks.

Watch the Week 2, tutorial now:

To get the Free Downloadable Pattern, click HERE!

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