Saturday, September 29, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador Challenge: Starstruck

The Island Batik Challenge for the month was called Starstruck.  Well when I heard the challenge, a had several ideas popped in mind since I'm also a newly Certified Studio 180 Design Instructor.  Some ideas were to include the Rapid Fire Hunter Star, and the Lemoyne Star. 

With all these options, I had to narrow down my choices. I know I wanted to make something using the Island Batik Basic Black Yardage and the Paisley Dot Brights Island Stacks (10" squares). With being a newly Certified Instructor, I also need some samples to display in my upcoming booths and for workshops.  So I looked through my Studio 180 Design binder where I keep all my tool instructions and my Technique Sheets and I came up an idea to make a Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Sampler.

I started out by making the Basic 8" Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star using only a couple pieces from two colors of the 10" squares and the black.  The Studio 180 Design Rapid Fire Lemoyne came out beautiful. 

Next, I started working with the companion Techniques Sheets, continuing with the Strip Pieced Lemoyne Star

All the blocks I made were 8", and the key to all the Lemoyne Star blocks is to keep your press consistent and flowing in one direction.  I was having so much fun.

Liberty Lemoyne Star was the next one I made. I love the colors in this one, the Paisley Dot Brights were working wonderfully for this project. 

Next came the Blazing Lemoyne Star, I was having fun making these Leymone Star and play with all the colors in my Paisley Dot Island Stack. 

The Banded Lemoyne Star, also turned out beautiful with the center Lemoyne really popping out.  The Island Batik Basic Black Fabric was fun and easy to work with. 

The last Lemoyne Star I wanted to make for this project was the newest Technique Sheet for the Lemoyne Star, called Starburst.  I played with this one, giving it a little more interest with a couple extra color in this block.

With all my Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star block done, I put them together in this small quilt to show off the colors of the Paisley Dot Brights Island fabrics with the basic black and the variety of the Studio 180 Design Rapid Fire Lemoyne Stars.  I love making this Sampler quilt.

You may want to check out the new techniques projects that the other Island Batik Ambassador have made this month. 

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along Week 2

How did you do with Week 1, in the Rainbow Serenade, did you get your units finished?  If you missed Week 1, you can read about it here.

In Week 2, of the Rainbow Serenade QAL, we are starting on Unit 2 and 3, working on only Steps 1 - 3.  We will be leaving Steps 4 and 5 for the next part of the QAL. 

You can watch the Video below:

In Week 2, we start with Step 1 for Unit 2 and 3, and the making of more Half Square Triangles. Remember, you don't have to Trim at this point.

Once you have all your HST made it, its time to cut the 5 1/2" squares to turn all the HST into Combination Units in step 2.

Please remember to press according to the directions in the pattern and also keep your units organized.  All your units will be need trimmed at this point also.

In Step 3, you will have to make more HST units, but they will be smaller units at a 3 1/2".  These smaller HST units will be used in Steps 4 and 5, that we will discuss in two weeks. 

Please remember to again press according to arrows in the instructions and trim the units to 3 1/2".

Once you have all your units made you will then need to sub cut them diagonally across the seam, to form triangles.  

Keep everything together and organized will help you with the next Steps. 

Well, that's it for Unit 2 & 3. Please remember if you have questions, please post them in the comment section below, you can also refer to the video above.

Week 3 of the Rainbow Serenade QAL will be 10/9 at 2:30 pm EST for the Facebook Live and the blog will be posted on 10/11.

If you would like to participate in the Rainbow Serenade QAL you can purchase the pattern (also find the yardage requirements) HERE and Purchase the Studio 180 Tools HERE.  


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rainbow Serenade Quilt Along Week 1

On Tuesday, I started the Rainbow Serenade QAL, on Facebook Live. I have included the video to go along with this blog post.

The Rainbow Serenade QAL is here, to get this started I have a couple of things you should take note of before starting your Rainbow Serenade.

  1. Be sure to read the instructions before starting
  2. Pressing, be sure to follow your pattern pressing directions, or you can press your seams open. You choose!
  3. Pay Attention to your units and their directions they should be placed according to the charts in the pattern.
  4. Understand your Tucker Trimmer® and Corner Pop® tool instructions.
  5. Its suggested for this pattern to stay organized, one way is to label your units and colors.
Unit 1 A & 1B

Step 1 - Colors, some missing from this photo
Step 1

Let's get started with Units 1A & 1B this week. So, let's begin with Step 1, Half Square Triangles. Start with cutting all your colors out as directed on Page 1 of the pattern.

Once you have all your squares cut, I suggest if you have a Quilter Magic Wand to use it to mark two stitching lines 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal line on the wrong sizes of the colored squares.

With the rights sides facing, layer your colored square on a Black Square and Stitch on the drawn lines.

Then cut down the middle to get two Half Square Triangle units.

Press toward the black triangles.

Continue to make all the HST combinations listed on page 1 of your pattern. There is no need to trim at this point; we will be using them in Step 2, the combination units.

Step 2

Step 2 Combination Units on page 2 of your pattern, you will start by cutting the additional colored squares you will need to make the combination units.

Using the charts on Page 2 of your pattern you will match the HST unit with the color squares you just cut out. For example in the picture above, Black / Mint HST will be paired with a Violet square. Position the HST unit with right sides together on top of a Colored square.

Using your Quilter's Magic Wand mark two stitching lines 1/4" on either side of the center diagonal on the back of the HST unit.

Stitch on the drawn lines.

Cut down the middle.

Press toward the colored triangle.

Trim the first two sides to 4 1/2" using the Tucker Trimmer® 1.

Then rotate the unit 180° and line up the Tucker Trimmer® 1, and trim the two remaining sides to

measure 4 1/2” cut.

Repeat with all the combination units listed in the chart on page 2 of your pattern.

Step 3

In this step, we will be taking those colorful combination units, and we will be adding some corner pop to the colored triangle side of the units. To do this, we will be using the Corner Pop® tool.

Start by cutting out all the small squares listed on top of Page 3 of your pattern. Then each of the squares once diagonally.

Now, using your Corner Pop® tool, Cut Away 2" from the colored triangle side.

Position the small triangles on the corner to replace the piece we just cut away.

Press away from the combinations unit.

Trim using the Corner Trim Down Section of your Corner Pop® tool using the 2" diagonal line. Cut away the excess fabric.

Well, that's it for Unit 1A & 1B. Please remember if you have questions, please post them in the comment section below, you can also refer to the video above.

Week 2 of the Rainbow Serenade QAL will be 9/25 at 2:30 pm EST for the Facebook Live and the blog will be posted on 9/27.

If you would like to participate in the Rainbow Serenade QAL you can purchase the pattern (also find the yardage requirements) HERE and Purchase the Studio 180 Tools HERE.  


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador Great Outdoors Blog Hop Giveaway Announcement

I want to thank everyone that dropped by the Island Batik Ambassador "Great Outdoors" Blog Hop.  I really do love hearing the wonderful comments you left about my Pinwheel Garden quilt project.

My giveaway has ended and now its time to do the drawing for 3 Fat Quarters from the Fur-ocious Fabric Collection.

Congratulations to...  Allison

I have already emailed the winner and remember you have 5 days to claim your prize.  

Thank You to all of you that entered!