Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Flower Bloom Pattern Released

Flower Bloom PatternToday,  I'm really excited to introduce you to "Flower Bloom" Piece Pattern.  This pattern has been getting all kinds of attention at quilt shops.

We delayed the release of this gorgeous quilt pattern so we could adjust it to not only a wallhanging, but to allow for bed-sizes: twin, queen, and King size quilts.  Red and BrownThe wallhanging makes a lovely hanging for an entry or bedroom. The bed-size quilts are beautiful on any bed. 

Flower Bloom on BedThis quilt is great for Batiks, which will brighten any room.

Our Flower Bloom pattern has complete and easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams.  You can get the pattern here for only $8.00.  If you would like to get this pattern for your store, please email us or visit our wholesale page.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Peace Bird Pattern Tutorial

Peace BirdWow, I can't believe it December the last month of the year, December.  Time to bring out the Christmas decorations and putting all the presents under the tree.

Quilting Affection's has a small gift for all our readers. We’ve developed a pattern that you can use to make a darling little quilted bird called "Peace Birds".  These little guys are great for last-minute gifts. You can make one to hang in a window or a dozen to embellish your Christmas tree, wreath or Christmas package.  We have attached a PDF version at the bottom of the tutorial.

Peace Bird Pattern
By Tina and Diana Dillard © 2014 Quilting Affection
Material List:
Fabric Scraps – enough to make 2 10” x 10” pieces, this can be one color or 2 different colors
Batting Scraps – 10” x 10” piece
Polyfil Stuffing
Thread and Needles
Template Plastic or Cardboard
Decorative Buttons, 2- x-small and 2 small to medium sizes
Decorative Beads (Optional)
Safety Pins
Fabric Marking Pencils
Bird Template Pieces


Prepare templates by tracing pattern pieces onto thin cardboard or template plastic. Be sure to mark the notches.

Bird Template
Cut out Templates pieces.

Fabric Templates


Trace the pattern template pieces onto the wrong side of the fabric with a fabric marking pencil, 2 body pieces, 4 wings.

Cut fabric along marked lines including the notches.

Note: the notches indicate where stitches will begin and end.

Batting Markings
Trace template pattern pieces onto batting, 2 body pieces, 2 wings. Cut batting along marked lines.

Birds Pinned
Lay each fabric body piece right side up onto a body batting piece. Pin-baste each body fabric/batting pair and machine quilt as desired.

Inside out Bird
Line up the two quilted fabric/batting body pieces aligning notches. Fold the 13” ribbon in half lengthwise and center the folded end between the body pieces at the top of the bird. The folded end of the ribbon will be tucked in at least 1/4” between the body pieces with the raw ribbon ends extending loose. Pin in place. Beginning at a notch, sew a 1/4” seam around bird. End seam at the second notch. Back stitch at the beginning and ending of the seam.

right side out
Clip along the edges of the seam allowance being careful not to cut into the seam! Turn body right sides out. Use a turning tool or blunt stiletto to ensure that the beak and tail are fully opened.

Bird Stuff
Use Polyfil to fill and plump out the bird shape.

Bird Body Finished
Whip stitch the Bird bottom closed.
Set bird body aside.

Place 2 wing fabric pieces right sides together on a wing batting piece. Beginning at a notch, sew a 1/4” seam around the wing ending at the second notch. Back stitch at beginning and end of seam line. Repeat for second wing.

Clipped Wings
Clip the edges around the seam allowance and then turn right side out.  Whip stitch the open ends closed. 

Wings Finished
If desired, quilt the wing or add some decorative stitching.

Bird Finished
With a button placed at the wide part of each wing and using a long needle and thread, attach wings to the body. For the eyes, attach a small button to both sides of the head.

Optionally, add beads or other embellishments to the ribbon.

Bird FinishedBird Finished

Have fun making this fast and easy pattern.  PDF Pattern