Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy, but still Quilting!

The last couple weeks have been busy.  We have been balancing 2 remodeling projects on the weekends.  The first one is at my house were we are completely remodeling the entry way and the hallway to your house.  The wall had this old wallpaper which needed to be removed.  Under the wallpaper where bare walls what had no primer or paint on them from past remodeling and the Sheetrock work was done poorly.  So my dad suggested that we texture the walls. But before that we decided hang new bedroom and closet doors since a couple of the doors need to be replaced anyhow.  So the are now done, so this Saturday we decide to go ahead texture the walls.  That is hard work applying the texture, but it is well worth the time and effort.  You can't see the imperfections in the walls now. 

Now that is was drying this Sunday, we went to my friend Lynn's house and Sheetrock and mud her basement bathroom.  After we took all old Sheetrock that had be come molded from a couple floods in her basement.  That was a fast job on Sunday, but it the first step in the remolding of her basement.  She should be painting the bathroom this weekend and then we can lay the tile and put everything back in so the bathroom can be used.

I have been quilting, while during the week, but the projects I have been on top  secret mode right now, do to they are patterns that are in the finishing stages for development.  I may start working on a project on the side so I have a quilt to show you all.

Well time to get busy in the sewing studio.

Live, Inspire, Create


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