Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Quilt Repair #2

quilt repair 2Yesterday, was a productive day of sewing in the studio. Repair Number 1 I finished the first quilt repair and started a second quilt repair.  The first one I just had to sew the binding on the quilt, so it was a fast job to finish. The Second Quilt repair, also from the same family is a cute baby quilt, that just need a little TLC. 

The quilt is an cute hand embroidery and applique baby Quilt, which was much easier to repair.  The quilt was in over all in good shape, just a little dirty and having a few stains from years of use.  The backing had just one hole on the back.  quilt repair 2The binding was missing, but my guess do to some thread found that the binding was a mint green color.  The front had several little holes at the bottom of the quilt that needed to be repaired and the bottom of the quilt needed to be re-quilted all the quilting stitches were gone. 

quilt repair 2So on this quilt since the bottom was the only place that needed to be repaired and new binding attached.  I did not fully take the quilt apart. I first started by removing all the lose quilting thread on the front and back of the quilt. Then began the process of hand stitching all the holes together on the front and back of the quilt.  quilt repair 2Then I was ready to start machine quilting the quilt back together.  I started with pin basting all the areas that need to be re-quilted again at the bottom.  quilt repair 2Quilting was made easy by following all the all the old quilting lines.

quilt repair 2Then I went to JoAnn Fabrics and picked up a satin blanket binding.  I attached the front of the binding and followed up with sewing the back of the binding with a zig-zag blanket stitch to hold the front and backing together stronger. 

The both quilts are now finished and ready to go back to Sue and the family for more years of use.

Time to head to the studio for quick clean up and work on a applique pattern in the works.

Love, Inspire, Create,


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