Monday, March 3, 2014

Quilt Show Weekend Part 1!

VA Quilt Show - Oscar A Dragon's Tale
This weekend was our annual trip to Hampton, Virginia for the Virginia Quilt Show at the Hampton Coliseum and Convention Center.  This is one of my favorite quilt show and the other is the Lancaster Quilt Show, but I will not be able to attend this year.
The Show always have a great showing of beautiful Quilts on display. Today, I will show off my two favorite quilts at the Show.  Both were made by Cathy Wiggins. Last year, she made the Carousel Horses Quilt.   First is the "Oscar A Dragon's Tale".  The quilt looks a book cover with dragon faces quilted in the spine, and different Images of the dragon also quilted in the background behind the dragon.  VA Quilt Show - Oscar A Dragon's TaleShe also made the quilt book cover look like it was made with linen finish.
This whole quilt was beautifully done, even the image of Oscar.  I really liked how she quilted him to make make his scales on him.
The next quilt was also made by Cathy.  this one is called "Fairy Garden" it has 300 hour of hand embroidery and beading on it.  VA Quilt Show - Fairy GardenThe picture is painted, but It also have beautiful quilting on it also.  The detail she did on the fairy's and the flowers are just amazing.

VA Quilt Show - Fairy Garden

VA Quilt Show - Fairy Garden
I hope you enjoyed the pictures I have posted of these two quilts.  These pictures don't do the quilt the justice they need.  They were amazing quilts to see in person.

I will talk to you all tomorrow with more amazing quilts.  A Quilt show is what everyone needs to get inspired to get quilting again.  So, time to get quilting again on this Women of Courage quilt.

Happy Sewing and Quilting, Plus safe and warm in the east coast!


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