Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kansas City Star BOM #4!

Kansas City City Star BOM #4It has been a while since I did my last Kansas City Star Block.  Last week, I got my newest block which Block #4.  Block four is "Arrow Head Star", it was first printed in the paper on July 11, 1931.

The block is made from 3 colors, the background cream, deep red floral, and blue fabric.  After cutting all the pieces, you start preparing the blocks for the assembly.  Starting with making 2 different flying geese units and blue half-triangles blocks. 

Kansas City City Star BOM #4After the all the flying geese units are made you then lay them out so they are on top of each other.  Kansas City City Star BOM #4To make on chevron unit. 

Next you need to make the corner units, with the blue half-triangles that were made.

Start by sewing the one set of 4 half-triangles with the blue pointed down toward the background squares.  Kansas City City Star BOM #4And sew the other set of 4 half-triangles up toward the blue squares.  Kansas City City Star BOM #4Press the seam each set so they are going to the squares.  Then sew the two units together to make the finished corner unit.  Pressing down toward the blue side.

Kansas City City Star BOM #4Next it is time to lay the block units out for assembly to make the big block.  Laying the corners units in the 4 corners with the chevron units in the middle of the corner units.  Kansas City City Star BOM #4Then adding a 4 1/2" red square in the middle.  Start with sewing each corner unit to the middle chevron, and the middle chevrons to the middle square to make all the rows of the block. Once all the rows are made then sew the top row to the middle, then the bottom to the middle.  Pressing the rows toward the bottom of the block.  Then the block is done. 

The fourth block is just a pretty as the other blocks.Kansas City City Star BOM #4

Back in the studio today and doing some sewing.

Happy Quilting!


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