Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10!

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10Yesterday, I got to sew after a week of busy work around my house and friends houses.  I just received my next block in the 2013 Designer Mystery, so I worked on that and a couple of other things.

I cant believe I'm on Month 10 now, only two more months and I can put this quilt together.  I cant wait. Month 10 - "New Bloom", looks like what it is a flower at full bloom.

After the basic cutting, you start with the petals of the flower.  You start by making two different half-square triangles.  Which will give you four half squares.  2013 Designer Mystery Block 10Then you take a piece of 4 1/2" square that is mark diagonally across the fabric and sew them on the blue corner of the fabric to get the 3 layer look.  Trim to a 1/4" seam allowance and press open. 

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10After that you need to sew the 2" squares across the side ends so they across the three different fabrics. Need to that for both sides. The Petals are done once you trim and press open.

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10Next you are going to make the center of the flower.  You make four small flying geese units.  Then sew them to 2 1/2" green and cream fabrics that were sewn together. 

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10Sew the sides to the middle blocks to make the three rows.

2013 Designer Mystery Block 10Then all you need to do is sew that rows together and you have your finished block.  I love this one I think this one was my favorite one of them all so far.

Well I think today, I will work on the next Kansas City Star block that just came so I have them all done for this month.

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