Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2013 Designer Mystery Block 9!

2013 Designer Mystery Block 9Yesterday, I caught up on the next block of the 2013 Designer Mystery.  This month was Block Nine " Prairie Town".

This is another house that goes in the row of other houses.  It was a little more complex but easy to make like the rest of the houses. 

After I cut all the pieces, I started the basic assembly of all the pieces.  2013 Designer Mystery Block 9The only thing new for me was the assembly of the roof, but I like how it was done.  The roof starts as 2- 5 1/2" half-squares.  Then to make the cream background to it you add a 4 1/2" square to the top left hand corner and sew them diagonally across and press open.  The corners a to 1 1/2" rectangles with 1 1/2" squares sewn on the corners.  Then the rectangles are sewn on the corners to make the corner pieces of the roof.
2013 Designer Mystery Block 9The bottom half of the house was easy, making 2- windows out of 1 1/2" squares. then adding all the long rectangles around it to frame in the windows.  The Blue dots fabric is back in the center of the block and is a continuing theme in the quilt blocks.  I liked the touch of green at the bottom of the block to make the grass in front of the house.

2013 Designer Mystery Block 93 more block months! Looking forward to seeing the last row of blocks to see how this quilt will look like when finished.

Time to go work on another block for the Kansas City Star Quilt BOM!

Happy Quilting!


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