Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Let It Snow Man!!" Pattern Tips - Machine Applique

Let It Snow Man!! Pattern FusedThe last couple days I have been showing you how to make the Quilting Affection “Let It Snow Man!!” Applique pattern.  So far we have discussed Preparing to make the pattern, Fusible webbing and Piece Placement and Background. Now we are to the point we start the Machine Applique around all the pieces.
Note before you start Machine Applique on any project practice on a practice piece of fabric before working on you main project.  Also keep a piece of paper or notepad nearby to write down any setting you use so you have them for future reference.
Now the pieces are fused to the fabric we will be using a blanket stitch around the stitches.  I suggest we gathering a few tools to have close by:  First, Self-threading Needles and pin cushion, scissors, and Thread and bobbins.  I love Superior Thread, so when I’m appliqueing I use a #40 to #50 wt. threads, like Masterpiece and King tut.  But you can use Aurifill or your favorite brand but just make sure it is a #40wt to #50 wt. thread.  When selecting your threads also try to match the Let It Snow Man!! Machine Appliquefabric as much as possible to make sure the thread blends into the fabric.  You really don’t want your stitches to stand out. 
I also recommend cleaning your machine before starting.  Also starting with a fresh 75/11 Microtex or 80/12 needles for this project, they work well with these weight sizes.
Now we are ready to start, I would find your blanket stitch on your machine.  If you not sure where it is on your machine I would refer to your owner’s manual.  After you have found your blanket stitch, I would recommend using a 2.0 width and 2.0 Length only on the larger open areas like the Shirt, Snowman body.  For your tight areas I would adjust to a 1.5 width and 15 length and sometimes you will have to drop to a 1.0 width. 
Let It Snow Man!! Machine AppliqueI start with one color and do all the areas with that color before moving on to the next color area.
When you’re ready to sew and have picked an area to start. Place your needle just outside the fused area and make sure your needle is lined up next to it and touching.  Pull your bobbin thread and then put your needle down.  Let It Snow Man!! Machine AppliqueMake a couple of small stitches and look to see if you need to adjust the width and length you will be using in that area. Then continue sewing until you get to the end of that piece (Don’t clip any threads if you have an auto thread cutter).  Bring the need up and move the fabric to the side clipping the bottom and top thread about 2” away from the last stitch.  Now with your thread clipped one on the bottom and one on the top.  You will now need to get your self-threading needle or our favorite sewing needle, and bring the top thread through the last stitch hole with your needle.  Once you have the top and bottom thread at the bottom tie a small knot and thread your needle again with both thread. Then tuck the thread under about 3 to 4 stitches and clipping thread. Let It Snow Man!! Machine Applique For the beginning stitch for that area on top, you will have to bring the top and bottom thread to the bottom, tie off and tuck the stitches the same way as before.  Repeat this for every applique area.
Once all the blanket stitches are done on the girl and snowman, we will start working on the hat and hair, which will be in tomorrow’s blog.  Then we will finish off with the borders and the snowflakes.
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