Friday, December 18, 2015

2016 Block of the Month - Coming Soon

2016 Block of the Month, "Dance with Me"
In 2016 we will be starting something new and fun that I hope everyone will enjoy.  It is the first bloc of the month created by and for Quilting Affection.  It was a lot of fun to design and will be easy to make and a joy to display. 

Let me introduce you to "Dance with Me", this pattern is an applique and piecing combination that finishes at approximately 74” x 74” when complete.  Each of the blocks are 10” squares.  I’m in love with this quilt top, it is so soft and elegant, but can be strong and masculine at the same time. 

The color choices for this quilt are endless.  I’m making my demo quilt out of Contempo Studio Color Weave Fabrics, White, Black, Medium Pink, and Turquoises.   You can make this a spring, fall, summer or a winter holiday quilt. The background colors can be dark or light. Here are examples of some other color ideas, but the final color choices are up to you.

"Dance With Me!" Blue,Red,Brown,Cream Combination
White,Red,Green,Black Combination
“Dance with Me” BOM will be approximately 6 month program which will start on February 1st, 2016.  Each block will be released on or around the 1st of the month and then it will be available for free download only for that month. It will then be for sale after that, so if you miss a block you can purchase it through our website.  

More Information will become available starting in January along with yardage requirements. 
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  1. Oohhh what a beautiful quilt! I really like the first colorway!Found you through list of BOMs.