Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hartley Perfect Circle

On Tuesday afternoon, toward the end of the lesson with Myrna Ficken, she showed me the neatest tool for the APQS Longarm that makes the perfect circle.  Myrna has the perfect circle maker. 

The circle maker sets on the back of the machine, its like your machine becomes a big compass, but you are not using a pencil to draw the lines, instead you are using your needle and thread.

With this tool it allows you make all kinds of circles and arches.  She showed me how to do make baptist fans.  She did the first set, and had me try the others. It was much easier to make the circles than using a ruler, and much fastest and more accurate on the spacing.  Once you get use to the starting and stopping of each of the lines you get into a rhythm and it is fun and fast to make them.  

Defiantly, fell in love with the perfect circle, have to investigate it more and maybe getting one for myself.


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