Tuesday, February 12, 2013

APQS Training

When I bought my APQS Millennium, it came with a free one day beginning training class. So Today I had my class with my local APQS Representative and Educator, Myna Flicken. 

The class was broken up into two parts.  The first half was on the business side of longarm quilting.  She discuss what it takes to start and run the business, also where to get supplies, such as batting, thread, and other notions.  There was a lot of great information in the first half of the day.

After lunch, we moved down to the her studio, and started right away on learning the basics of the machine, such as maintenance, and tension.  She showed us how to load a quilt on the table.  We went over the setup and using pantograph.  Then we moved the laser light to the front of the machine and learned how to use it with templates. Next we move on to using rulers, she also demonstrated how to use the Harley Fence, a nice accessory for the APQS machine that makes great circles and arches.  

I came home with the fabric samples of everything we worked with today.  It was a great day of learning, and look forward to practicing these new skills on Millie.


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