Monday, February 25, 2013

Mid Atlantic Quilts

I would like to share with you some of the beautiful quilts that were my my favorites at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show.

Lets start with the Best in Quilt Show winner, Carousel Stampede by Cathy Wiggins,  this quilt was just gorgeous.  My jaw just about dropped when the white glove attendant stated that Cathy Wiggins began the quilt with a pieces of plain muslin.   This was painted and long armed quilting.  The details she puts on the horses and into the quilting are just beautiful.

The next quilt, was done by Marilyn Badger, called Euphoria.  The colors and design are just amazing on this quilt.  I love this quilt.

This quilt called "Green Miles" by Peggy Kragnes, was my husbands favorite.  The quilting and the piecing was done beautifully. 

All of these quilts are beautiful and I applauded all the winners.  Thank you for sharing with all the show attenders.


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