Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Applique or Piece?

Walking through the quilt show this last weekend, I notice some quilts were focused on applique and others were expertly pieced. As I looked at all of these wonderful quilts, I started to wonder what I liked to do more.

Through all of the years I have quilted I have done both applique and pieced quilts.  I like to piece quilts but sometimes it is not the easiest thing when it comes to matching up those corners. Actually it drives me a little crazy at times. Even though a lot of my quilts have been pieced, I think applique is my favorite.  I like how applique allows you to create Suebonnet Sues, flowers, birds, etc.  When I first started quilting my first applique was the Suebonnet Sues, and I did the stitching by hand, which is very relaxing.  Lately, I have been learning new ways to applique with my sewing machine.  I like machine applique which makes my project to lay a little flatter on the backing, plus it is normally a lot quicker to finish a project.

My question to you is what do you prefer: Applique or Piecing, or a combination of Both.  Would love to hear from you.


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