Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quilting Calc App

Anyone that hates to do math to figure out how to much yardage you need for your quilt, needs to try out this neat tool. The QuiltingCalc, App by Robert Kaufman, also known as the "The Quilter's Little Helper, Essentials Quilter Calculators.".  This app is available for both Apple or Android device and it is free.

I have been using this calculator for all of my projects lately, to get yardages and cutting requirement help.  This calculator has several great features for quilting.  Here is just a few I use regularly:
  •  Backing and Batting - app determines how much yardage you will need to use to make the backing and batting for your quilt, by specifying the width and length of the quilt top and overage you want on the quilt.

  • Binding - you specify the width of the fabric, what size binding strips, and dimensions of the quilt.  The calculator will determine the amount of yardage, total binding length, and strips or square you need for both of a  regular or bias bindings
  • Borders - Shows you how much yardage, strips width, how many to cut, for up to 4 borders for you quilt top.  It will also let you know the Overall width and length of the top will be after the borders are on the quilt.
 I just touch on a few of the great features on this app.  I think this a great for all quilters, so I hope you give it a try.  

The app can be found here: iTunes and Google play

Hope you enjoy it,


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