Monday, February 4, 2013

Half Square Tutorial

Every month in the Designer Mystery Month Blocks, I had to make half squares.  I would like to show you how to make a perfect half squares.

In this tutorial will make 3 1/2" half squares.  First, start by making 4" squares of each color you want in the half square.

On the lighter color fabric mark the center on the wrong side of the squares, then mark 1/4" from the center on each side of the square.

Lay the right side on the darker right side, make sure the edge meet up.

Next, sew on the lines that you made on the sides of the center mark. 

 After you have both lines sewn, cut down the center mark to make two half's.  Then press open, toward the dark side of the square. 

Now you need to cut down to a  3 1/2". You can do this with a normal 6" ruler, but I use the Bloc Loc 6" square, which has a groove that fits on the seam to make a perfect square.  I trimmed each half square down to 3 1/2" and made sure I trim off the dog ear on each side also. 

One tip, is to try to make each square a 1/4" bigger and then trim down and you will get a perfect square.


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