Saturday, January 12, 2013

Easy Street Part 8- block A

Friday afternoon and most of today I spent working on Easy Street, Part 8 Block A. You need to make 18 of  these 15-1/2" blocks.

I started with combining the greens, purples, and 4 patch triangle from Part 3 into a 9 patch blocks.

Then combining the bricks you made in Part 6 and the double flying geese to make the side borders for the 9 patch blocks, you need to make 32; 16 for each side. Then sew them on the sides of the 9 patch inner blocks.  Making sure the White and Black flying geese is on the outside. Press open.

Then, you need to make the bottom and top border blocks, combining all five block into one long unit need to make sure the end 4-patches are lined up correctly. Making 32 units, dividing them between the top and bottom.

Once those are done you can sew the bottom unit to the middle unit and then sew the top to the top of the unit to make a full 15-1/2" block.

Then I put them on my design board, with the corner units to see what it looks like so far.  All I can say is WOW, Cool!  My design board could not hold the bottom 4 blocks, But you do get the idea what this is going to look like.

Tomorrow, I will get the 9 Block B made, and carefully start combining the blocks to the full quilt top.

Almost done, 

Remember to please go for my "Coquette Tulip" on Quilt Gallery's Show and Tell contest.  Thank you to everyone that has voted for me.


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