Friday, January 18, 2013

Pattern Design Progress!

This evening I developing the final drawing of the new quilt pattern for my son on EQ7, just to see if the basic idea was going to work.  So far so good!

In the this image, since I don't have the Air Force fabric scanned into the computer,  I just substituted it with patriotic fabric.  I also added two borders; one a 1-1/2" and the outer 5".  So the final size will be approximately 48" x 78" a nice size for a twin bed.

There will be 4 T-shirts decals worked into this quilt, they are the big blue areas cut to 12" blocks with a 1 1/2" border around them.  One of the t-shirts has an extra emblem on the back, I will cut it down 7 1/2" x 15" rectangle block. 

Block A

Block B
Blocks A and B are 7 1/2" square when finish. I will need around 26 blocks of A, and I will need 16 blocks of B. 

I just need to figure out the yardage requirements. The fabric I have is made up of fat quarters so this will probably be a nice one for just fat quarters.   I will need to order the borders, backing and binding shortly so it will be here by the time i finish the top.  Really want to get this done for him.  

I need to think of a name for this quilt here shortly.  Hope to have most of the quilt started this weekend, since it will be a long one.  However, not much sewing tomorrow, spending the day with my husband in Annapolis. Going shopping for new running shoe, then to the movies, and finally dinner.  I'm hoping to stop in the local Quilt Shop there also, since I have not been there yet.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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