Sunday, January 20, 2013

Enjoying the Day!

Yesterday, was a nice day outside to enjoy the day with my husband.  We decide in the middle of last week to go up to Annapolis and spend the day.  We have been meanimg to get up there to get new running shoes. Also I have been wanting to hit a quilt shop in that area, plus I wanted to see "The Hobbit", so off we went.  It was a really nice day to be out and about!

The first stop was Fleet Feet Running.  I really like that store, they will spend the time with you, to make sure the shoe will match the type or running, or activity our are doing.  They will bring out 3-4 different shoes, let you try them on and walk and even take them out for a nice running in the parking lot.  I found shoes that fit and they are very comfortable.  Now to put in 300 miles or more into them.

Image from there website!
Next, is was to find the Quilt Shop,  it was easy to find the street, but finding the store made it a more of a Challenge.  We found the area, so we parted a couple blocks away, then we walked down to the block were it should be, and finally found the sign.  The store was in the back, yeah, we found it! Cottonseed Glory Quilt Shop, is a nice little shop with lots, and lots of fabric.  They have your traditional fabrics, reproductions, florals, flannels, and so much more in fabrics.  They also have a good selection of patterns, with many of them are based off the Baltimore Album Pattern.  They also carry batting and notions.  In addition they sell Bernina Sewing Machine and HandiQuilter.  I will defiantly go back to that shop when I go looking for fabric, they were very friendly, helpful and have a great selection. 

Then It was off to the Annapolis Mall for a small lunch and to see The Hobbit.  We decided to see the 3D version, and we were glad we did.  The movie was great, the cinematography was much better than the Lord of the Ring Series.  I'm looking forward to next year when the next part comes out.

After the movie, we headed down the road to the a Mexican restaurant, On the Border, and had a nice dinner.  Then home, where I finished putting on a new set of practice material and panto on the longarm so I can practice some today and tomorrow.

Today, I have a few errands to run, for quilting supplies and planning to get the some sewing done today.  Hoping to get started cutting fabric for the new quilt design, also.

Well have a good Sunday,


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