Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun with Embroidery

Today, I am going in a little different direction. I addition to my quilting, I am learning embroidery with a Brother Innov-is 15000D embroidery machine and Floriani Total Control Professional embroidery design software. This is actually something I am working on with my Husband, who also like to work with it.

The Brother is an easy machine to operate and is very fascinating to watch. Once you load your embroidery pattern into it, put the fabric and stabilizer in the hoop and thread the machine. You basically press start and it does all the rest. You just have to change thread when it come time for a different color. It is really simple and we have had excellent results with it.

My husband likes to work with the Floriani Total Control software and has designed a few embroidery pattern. He has also helped make a couple of labels that I have added to my quilts. In the future the Floriani software will be a great asset in designing quilt blocks and hopefully I can get a few block designed later this winter. I will keep you posted on my progress.


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