Friday, January 25, 2013

Hero Memory Quilt!

Today was a good day to work in the studio, since it was cold with snow on the ground.  I was working on piecing my son's quilt together. 

Last night I started playing with the blocks and things seemed to be lining up a little off, so I took the seam ripper and broke up the blocks and decided to re-square all the blocks. That seem to do the trick.  By the end of the evening I had the first set of 9 blocks together and it was nice and square.

So this morning I started getting the rest of blocks set up into sections.  The rest of the sections were just a little more tricky, but fun to work with due to the size of the blocks and working them around the t-shirt blocks.

Some  of the sections needed to have blocks trimmed down or have sashing pieces added them.

After each long sections were completed I would check them to make sure they were keeping squared up.

I was very pleased with the overall of the look and size of the main part of top when It was finished.  Once I had the top done, I did a final measurement to calculate the borders and backing to get them ordered.

Borders and backing should here by the end of next week, I hope so I can get this finish.  Now,  Tomorrow, I think I will get the border on the Jelly Roll Race and get the backing ready for quilting.  

Hope all have a good day of Quilting on Saturday!


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