Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolutions!!

Happy New Year 2013 to everyone!

Looking back at 2012, it was a exciting start for Quilting Affections Blog. I cant believe all the page views I have received in such a short time, hoping the numbers will continue to increase each month.  

2013, I hope will be bring more exciting things to Quilting Affections. As many of us do when we start the new year we write a New Years Resolutions. I'm have been developing  Quilt Affections New Years Resolution.
2013 Quilting Affections Resolutions and Goals
  1. Finish getting the first set of quilting patterns ready to publish.
  2. Develop a website to sell patterns, and for advertising longarm services.
  3. Goal to be ready to provide longarm services by mid year.
  4. Continue Daily Blog posts and expand the blog.
  5. Develop block/pattern tutorials.

May 2013 be a quilty and safe for everyone and I Hope you will keep reading our Quilting Affections Blog, to follow us develop.  


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