Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Trip Prep!

Its New Year Eve, I hope you are all getting ready to bring in the New Year in style. 

Yesterday, I spent most the day with my longarm, working on learning the pantograph I have on the table.  I worked it all the way to the bottom of the fabric just like if it was a real quilt.  Then I backed it up and changed to a different color of thread to see where my mistakes were and how different the pattern looked on that pass through.  I am getting more comfortable using the longarm and the pantograph I have on the table.  Tonight, If time permits, I will put a new quilt top and bottom on the longarm  and switch to a new pantograph.

Today, I'm working on finishing Part 6, and then start Part 7 of Easy Street,  but first I need to go Joannes for more Green Fabric.  Then I need to stop at the Store to get a few travel items.  My husband and I, and close friends are traveling to San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday.  My youngest son, will be graduating from Air Force Basic Training this week.  Once I get my errands done, I will get us packed for the trip.

I hope you all have a safe New Year Eve!


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