Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Fun!

My new APQS Millennium Machine
Well for a Saturday it has been a busy and fun day.   This afternoon, I had a great lunch with my husband and oldest son, Patrick.  Then my husband and I ran out for a couple things at Lowes, and Hancock Fabrics, due to the fact I could not get what I was looking for at Micheal's.  I just got home, so I can write this blog.  Ok, you are probably thinking what did she do this morning, well let me tell you.

This morning a little after 9am, Myrna Finch, the local APQS Representative, and the owner of a Professional Quilting business, called A Quilter's Choice,   came to the house, and set up my beautiful APQS ongarm, Millie. After she arrived, we started right away opening all 7 boxes, to find all the hardware and things needed for the assembly.  When we opened Millie's box, we found her all wrapped up with a nice red bow, that was so cool.  Then, we started assembly of the tabletop.  Once that was done we added the table legs to the tabletop.  After they were attached and secured the table was complete. We added the pantograph board across the top of the table, and began the process of adding Millie to the table and  adding the new bliss system to the carriage. Now it was time to slide Millie out of her box, carefully.   After we pulled here out, Myrna noticed that the tension thread assembly was broken off.  So on Monday was are going to call APQS to have them ship us a brand new one.  After that little shock, we continued to add all 4 rails posts to the table. Then she and my husband leveled the table to my height.  

After it was all level she added the auto advance system and the break to the rails.  Then she showed us how to get started with the machine.  So when my new tension assembly comes, I can load some fabric and start playing and practicing.   Myna was so nice and very helpfully in answering our questions.  Can't wait to start using her, then next month  I get my free class with Myna in her studio. In the mean time I will be writing down any questions that I have.

So if anyone that has a longarm machine, has any suggestions or pointers for me please feel free to comment below.


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