Sunday, December 16, 2012

Husband's Project!

Yesterday was a very productive day for quilting in my house, hope it was the same for you.  I finished part 4 of the Easy Street Mystery, The colors on it are coming together and I am excited to see what it will look like.  While I was working on that project,my husband was working on his own project.

The last couple weeks my husband has asked my to show him how to quilt.  So, I thought about different easy, beginning project for him to do.  I  remembered the Jelly Roll race pattern, I saw on Missouri Star Quilting Tutorials.  I had a couple jelly rolls to let him choose from.  He had been practicing on my old New Home sewing machine working on his quarter inch seam allowance. I also had him watch the video a couple of times.  Then he started sewing all the ends together, then sewing all the sides together, by late yesterday afternoon, he had finished his first quilt top.  All we have to do is to quilt and bind the top. So Proud of him and he did a good job on his first attempt.

Today, I will be working on some housework, hoping to have it all done by QuiltCam 2pm comes on this afternoon.  Then, I will work on some older quilting projects I really need to finish.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday.


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