Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quilt Problems!

Yesterday, I spent the day putting together the rest of the Nancy's Fancy quilt top, that I have been working on the last couple days.  I started by putting together units 5, 6, and 7. 

Unit 5, combines the last of the 4 log cabin blocks into one row with one set of 2 pinwheels plus sashing in between and below to make into one unit. 

Unit 6, is putting sashing on the left and right sides of Nancy's Fancy block.  Finally Unit 7, is sewing sashing on the top, left and right sides of flying Swallows block and then on the right side adding the last of the Pinwheel blocks.

After all of that, I had the long process of sewing the units together. I started with sewing 6 and 7 together with unit 6 on top of 7, so Nancy's Fancy will be on the top of Flying Swallows.  Then on the right side I added unit 4 of the Snail Trail blocks. Followed by Unit 5 on top of those in addition to the 4 Log Cabins and set of Pinwheels together. So far so good.  

Unit 1, which has more Log Cabins, to the left side of these blocks,  I had a slight problem there with getting the Log Cabins to match up with the ones in Unit 5.  Just had to remove and re-sew the seams only once on those blocks. 

I was starting to lay out the Unit 2 and realized that for some reason one side was longer than the other.  I forgot to put unit 3 on the bottom of Unit 7, the Flying Swallows block. So I sewed that block on before I added the last block of Unit 2.  Then I thought I was finished. NOT!

Once I started Square the top; I found the problems.  The bottom of unit 3 was causing all sorts of issues with squaring the top. The Bouquet Basket was not square at all, so I had to take that unit off, take the block out of the unit and square it up. Then put the unit back together. After that, another problem was found, some how the unit was now 1/4" short.  So I took the sashing out of in between the pinwheels and the Bouquet Basket and added a new one that was 1/4" wider, and that fixed the problem.  Finally sewed it the unit back on and the bottom was much better.  

Now the Top was finished, it just need get more fabric to finish the borders. then I can quilt it up.
Today, I plan to clean up my sewing room and practice on my longarm.  Need to get practicing so I can start actually working on real quilts.  Just practicing on Muslin right now, which is a great way to get use to the machine.  

Have a great Day and Happy Quilting Everyone!


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