Friday, December 21, 2012

Book and more Books

Last night we finally opened to large boxes of quilting books that were given to us by Diane while we were in California in November.  When we started looking at the books she had 3 shelves worth, and after we cleaned them off, she was down to 1 shelve of her favorite ones. She was very happy that she didn't have so many book left and gained extra storage space.  We picked out books that shown the history of quilting, applique techniques, finish technique books.  We then packed up two boxes full of books and UPS them home. All 42 pounds worth. We finally decided to go through them last night.  All books are and will be great references to us for quilting.

I practiced for about a half an hour on Millie last night.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable with using her.  I have been working on and with the pantographs and practicing them over and over again.  I also have been watching a lot of videos on the APQS through the YouTube Channel on various maintenance and starting techniques. In addition I have been doing a lot of reading on the APQS Forums.   

Last night I watched a great show on skill building and it gave me several ideas on how to practice my longarm quilting.  One tip I picked up is to use a couple yards of muslin to practice on. Start with a light color and go over the design several times, then move to a medium thread and go over the same designs with that color, finally move to a dark color thread and repeat.  Another tip, after you used up all the muslin, don't take the quilt sandwich off yet, just pin a brand new piece of muslin on the top of the old one and continue to practice.  Also use fabric panels to practice on, such as baby quilt panels.  I'm learning a lot just, but just need to find more time to practice.  

Last day at work before the holiday, cant wait to get home and practice quilting and to work on the next step of Easy Street Mystery.

Happy Quilting,


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