Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coming Together!

Nancy Fancy
Progress was made yesterday on the WebFabric's Block of Month Quilt.  I finished the last block "Nancy Fancy", after working on Part 6 of Easy Street, which was very easy this week.  Although I have to run to Joanne's again today or tomorrow to get more green fabrics to finish the Extra Credit of this weeks piece.

Nancy Fancy was an interesting block to put together, You build the center block then work on the inner border and then the outer borders on the block.  Everything lined up very nicely, no problems with the whole block.

Once the block was finished I started working on putting the quilt top together.  They divided the top into 7 units.  Unit 1, sewing up 5 log cabin blocks into a column. Then combining Noon Light, Card Trick and Nosegay into rows. Finally sewing the to column together into one big unit.

Unit 1
Unit 2, combines Chinese Puzzle blocks  and Storm at Sea blocks.  The Chinese puzzle blocks are little bit trickery to put together, I had to take one of the three block apart several times, but I finally got it to line up.

Unit 2
Unit 3- Combines a set of 3 pinwheels, bouquet Basket and Morning Star. 
Unit 3
Unit 4, combines the 4 snail trails into one long column.

Unit 4
Today, I hope to finish Units 5, 6, and 7 and then to combine them all together.  I may also start working on the borders of the quilt top.  So far, It is looking good. We will have to see how the rest goes today.


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