Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Inspiration

My mom, sister and me summer 2012

My mom is my biggest inspiration for my sewing. She would make my sister and I clothes and my dads shirts. I can remember watching her lay out patterns out of fabric, and then sew them into nice clothes. Also I remember going with her to the sew and vac store in downtown Coeur d' Alene, Idaho and watching test drive sewing machines. She still is using that New Home sewing machine that she purchased to this day. My mom first taught me to sew on a Holly Hobie sewing machine, that I received one Christmas as a gift. When I was in middle and high schools and I took several home economics classes and we always had a semester or two in learning to sew. I was always ahead of the class due what my mom had shown me before I even had the class. I remember making pair of sweatpants with her supervision for high school home economics class project. The teacher was so pleased with how fast and nicely I did the work. I own it all my to my fantastic mom. 

Also while I was little, I remember my mom going to a quilt class in Spokane, Washington and watching her put the log cabin blocks together for a quilt. It was very scrappy, and I still have that quilt. I think that was when I fell in love with quilts now I think about it. I have a lot of her quilts that she made over the years and have used them for our bed and throught out our house. That what I love about quilts they will last forever, due to the loved that is put into them.

Another inspiration in my sewing is my aunt. She is a gifted seamstress, she would make clothes for people in her sewing room in her house. She would make prom, and wedding dresses also for people. In fact she made my prom dresses for two different years, and then she made my beautiful wedding gown.

This summer, when I was home on vacation my mom gave me a box of quilting patterns. These patterns belonged to my great-grandma Evers. These patterns came by mail from Farmers Magazine. Some of the patterns templates were cut from old cereal boxes. Also  in the box was an old quilt block she had sewn together. You turn it over you can see the her hand stitching. I will be sharing more about these patterns in a later blog.

As you can tell, sewing and quilting runs in the family. But my biggest inspiration in my life, sewing and quilting is my mom. Plus, she along with my dad have always been my number one fans. I thank them for always being there for me and my sister. I love you!


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