Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Little Longarm Quilting!

Friday, was a exciting day for me!  I finally, received Millie's part.  The tension guide was broke in shipping, so they had to ship us a new one. UPS delivered the part first thing this morning.  It was an easy to install, all I had to do was loosen a small hex screw and slide the old one out.  The new one slid right in, just had to make sure it was aligned in the right position and tightened the screw back up.  

Then I was off to Joannes to get  2" Corsage pins, and basic fabric to start practicing on.  I found they had whole bolts of Muslin on sale, so I picked up 2 of them. They will make good practice martial for my longarm quilting, until I get a quilt top finished to put on it.  The store was pretty busy for a Friday, guess everyone was finishing Christmas shopping.  

So when I got home I cut a couple long pieces of muslin and batting from the roll I had.  Then I watch the video on how to put the fabric on the rails of the Table.  First I pinned the backing on and made sure everything was square.  Putting the backing took a while the first time, but i did it. Then I started pinning the bottom of the top on and rolled that rail up to the top of the quilt.  Next I added the batting in between the top and the backing, pinning the top and batting to the backing fabric. 

Once I had all that added I threaded the needle and put the bobbin in Millie.  My first couple times trying to stitch with her failed due to the bobbin case kept popping out. After the third attempt I figured out and that I needed to push the case in until you here a click.  Then I was off and quilting.  Wow, it so nice to move around, and so much different from the domestic sewing machine.  The are all the same size due to the stitch regular.

This is going to be so much fun, but it will take practice and more practice.  Today, I want to try working from the back of the machine with the pantographs.  Plus, I'm hoping to get a little time to work on Easy street today, need to make more flying geese from this weeks clue. 


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