Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Coquette Tulip" Quilt

One of my most recent quilts I finished, was this one I have name "Coquette Tulip".  This quilt was my first commissioned quilt and was started this last September. I was asked by one of my husbands co-workers to make a quilt, for her mother in law.  She left the design and colors, to up to me.  The only thing, that was asked was to make it in warm colors and to be made into a full size.  

I began with looking for blocks that would work though my EQ7 and my Blockbase programs.  After, I found a couple different blocks i made a couple of mock up designs in various warm colors. Her choice was this modified weatherpane block and she a lot of yellow, greens, and reds colors.  

Next I began searching the various fabric combinations or collection through some of my favorite websites.  I found a couple of fabrics and had her pick the one she liked  the most.  She picked the the Coquette Collection from Moda.  So that following weekend, my husband drove me to Capital Quilts to see what they had in that collection. They had one bolt of what I wanted to use.  So, after I was done shopping in that shop we headed to Web Fabrics in Northern Virginia.  When we got to Web Fabircs we found all the fabrics I needed to make the top.

It took me about, 48 hours of sewing over several weeks to finish the top with out the borders.  The hardest part was setting the blocks on point.  It was my first time to sew a quilt on point and I found it was fun and challenging to figure out.  After finishing the top, I had to go back to Webfabrics for more fabric for the borders and the backing.  They had just enough on the bolt for the backing. 

After finishing the top I marked the quilt with designs I made from varies parts of the border and the backing. The quilt was laid out on the floor as the quilt sandwich and pin basted it with hundreds of basting pins.  

The quilting was all done on my Janome 7700 sewing machine. I started with stitching in the ditch first, then worked on the free motion quilting on the sashing, and the middle blocks. Then worked on the borders to finish quilting.  I finished the quilt with making the binding with from the green fabric.

The label was designed by my husband with his Brother Embroidery Machine.  I just told him what to put on the fabric and where I wanted the label at.

Over all the customer loved the finished quilt, and also I fell in love with this quilt   I hope to make more quilts like this in the near future.


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