Thursday, January 10, 2013

Designing Patterns!

In the evening, sometimes I like to like to play on the computer, either doing research or just making pieced patterns on the EQ7.  Electronic Quilt 7 (EQ7) is fun to work with after you get use to it.  The product allows you to design patterns from piecing to applique.  You can use the ready made blocks or you can make your own. 

You can buy add on software such as Blockbase, which has over 4300 patterns that were publish between 1836-1970.  You can click on the block import to EQ7 to make the whole quilt up or you can just print the pattern.  They even have where you can download a new projects every month from their website. 

The program also allows you to upload fabric images that you can download from the internet to use in your quilting designs.  Like the new project you can download, their website also allows you to download fabric palettes monthly.  In fact you get to help choose the next month fabrics by voting from 5 different palettes.

Electric Quilt Company also sells other projects besides EQ7 and Blockbase, they sell books to help you design, and EQ7 Print fabrics, and foundation paper.  They have other software, such as Quilting Motifs designs, Dear Jane collection, and stash collection. 

If you are having problems with learning some of the aspects of the product they have Lessons in various products to include video lessons.  They also have lots of artists to help you get inspired.

You can see why I like using this product, you can get a lot of inspiration from playing with it.


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