Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Easy Street has borders

Last night my mind and body were not in the sewing mood, after a long day of work and good work out.  So tonight, while we are under a Tornado and Thunderstorm warnings, I decide it was a good time for  Easy Street to get borders.  I finished sewing on the smaller purple borders, and then it was just sewing on the turquoise borders to finish. Now I need  to get the material for the backing and it will be ready to be quilted, oh YEAH, I cant wait!!

Tonight was a good night for me receiving mail .  First, I received the borders and backing fabric for my Nancy's Fancy quilt top.  The quilt top is going to have three borders, the two browns are for the outer borders.  Once the lilac fabric comes I can get the borders on the top. I also received the backing for this quilt, I want to get a wide fabric for this quilt top, so I choose this moda fabric.

I also got another package in the mail, my first longarm rulers came. I have been investigating on the internet, and was very interested in using these templates from DeLoa Jones website. So I choose 3 different ones, the boomerang, rope a dopes, and appliquide.  I can't wait to start playing now.

Overall it was a good evening in the quilting world for me. 



  1. Hi, I was browsing through the internet this evening looking for inspiration for borders for my Easy Street quilt. I came across your blog. Your quilt is beautiful. In the photo above there is one 4 patch turned the wrong way. I'm not sure if you have already noticed this or not yourself. It is in the second block in from the right on the top row. Sorry to point this out.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I didn't really see that until you pointed it out. But, I think I will leave it alone. Add more character to the quilt and it is not that that noticeable.