Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Balancing Act

Finding time in my busy life to quilt has been a huge balancing act.  I'm a full time government employee in downtown Washington DC.  My day starts with a 4:00am wake-up call, to catch the local commuter bus at 5:20. If the traffic is good the commute to DC is little over a hour one way.  By time I reach my desk it is 6:30 and I'm there until 4pm Monday through Friday.  Then I get back on the bus for another hour trip home. One day a week I work from home so I don't have the commute and I do get every other Friday off due to working a 9 hour days.

When we get home we head to the gym for a hour workout, then come home to make dinner. By that time it is 7pm. When I'm relaxing for the night I'm either drawing up pattern ideas, or other projects that need be done for the night. Then finish up the evening by writing my blog for the next day, and relax a little before bed.  Which leave most of my quilting for the weekends. I would love to have more time during the week to quilt so I can practice my longarming, or for finishing projects.

My goals is to have my long arm service started and selling some of my patterns online and locally by summer of this year.  Once I have a those things are going strong, I would like to stop work for the government and work for myself.  Until then I have a balance act to keep up.

How do you balance your life?


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