Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jelly Roll is Loaded!

Yesterday, was a good day of quilting in my studio.  I worked on the finishing the jelly roll race and prepping the backing for the long-arm. 

I decided to add 3-1/2 " borders around the quilt, after I squared all the sides up on the top.  The borders, really help bring out the colors in the strips. I got everything squared so all I had to do was press it with the iron to make sure the seams were laying correctly.

Then I prepared the backing for the quilt. Wasn't sure I had enough fabric after I added the borders but, I always buy fabric a little bigger than what it calls for, so I was glad that worked out.  After I sewed up the seams of the 2 pieces of backing material, I placed  them it on my cutting table and squared up all the sides and then gave the backing a good ironing, remembering to open the seam up to make sure it lays flat. 

Once I had the backing done I was able to cut the batting to the size of the backing.  Then I folded all the pieces into quarters for easy loading on the longarm.

Next the fun continued due to I practiced the rest of the day with a couple of pantographs on my longarm. The one I'm going to use on the jelly roll race and the other is the one I will be using on the Hero Memory Quilt.

Later in the evening, I ran out of room on the practice piece so I decided I would go ahead and the load the Jelly Roll Race on the machine.  So now it is waiting for me start on it today.  I even have all my bobbins sitting and ready to go.

Since this is my first real quilt on the long arm, I'm going to take it nice and slow and hope nothing goes wrong. I will post when the final results when finished, so stayed tune.


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