Friday, August 23, 2013

Quilts Bindings and Labels made!

Yesterday and Today, I made bindings and labels for the 2012 Designers Mystery and the Deer Around Minnesota Quilts.  I normally put regular straight binding on the quilts, but this time I put a Bias Binding on the quilts.  I used the the Bias Binding Ruler and the Binding Tools. 

Using the Rules is nice it doesn't waste fabric and takes less time in the long run like the straight binding. I'm finding out I like it much better just need to practice a little more.
I made the labels for both quilts also. I like using my Brother Embroidery Machine for the labels.  

The Binding are sewn on the front of the quilts and just need be turned over and hand sewn to the back.  I love using the Wonder Clips for holding the binding to the quilt tops.

Well time to get sewing on those bindings.


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