Thursday, August 22, 2013

Christmas Joy Quilt Row 2!

Last Friday, I had another class on the Christmas Joy Quilt top at Michelle's Quilts .  We were making the next row which is the words JOY and small stars.  By the end of the class we had the first of the three Joys done and the first star.  It was easy to do.

So Yesterday, I spent the rest of the day working on the other three stars and the other 2 JOY words.  It was kind of fun making letters out of fabric. The stars are a little more of a challenge do to you need to make sure you line up all the points to get them to look like.  This row came out pretty good.

Next Friday is our next class, and we are doing 2 rows this time.  So I will need to prepare my fabrics for that class by next week.  But I think today, I will work on something else like making the bindings for the quilts that are finished.


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