Friday, August 2, 2013

Back in the Studio

I'm heading back into the quilting studio.  After spending most of this week, getting my oldest son moved and organized to a bigger room in the house.  I got him a few new pieces of new furniture to make the room feels more like an apartment for him.  Organizing was the biggest thing on this move, He like to collect lots of junk, so I spent most of the week, helping him sort through all his stuff and throwing out alots of things he does not need.  I hope he can keep it up now, will have to keep on him.

Yesterday, My husband and I spent the day together, we went up to Web Fabric, in Purcelleville, Virginia one of my favorite quilt shops in the area.  Its a couple hour drive for us, but we love going to that shop.  I needed Christmas fabric for a quilt class that is starting this evening.  I'm hoping this class will get me back into my quilting groove.  I have been off a little since I started doing my workouts in the morning, which I'm down another 3lbs this week, yeah me!  Paying off, and I feel great.

Well, time to get stuff ready for class and work on some kind of project. 


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