Sunday, August 4, 2013

Christmas Joy Quilt Class #1

On Friday Evening, I started my Christmas Joy Sampler Quilt class at Michelle's Quilts in Hughesville, MD taught by Peter Lambert.  So, on Friday I spent most of the day cutting the pieces for making the first block in the row we were to make that evening.

This week was learning the Blazing Star row, doing foundation piecing.  Foundation piecing is fairly easy to me after doing the first couple pieces of the star.  It is getting everything so the points line up and looking nice that makes is hard.  But getting the hang of it. I did get the first green block done and started on the first of the red blocks before the class was over. 

The class was small and lots of fun.  Now, to get the row done and the pieces cut before the next class in a couple of weeks.

Off to the sewing room today, to work on some projects.  Have a nice Sunday!


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